Monday, December 23, 2013

Upcycling Projects for kids to make

As most of you are aware I love to upcycle and these projects are doing that technique.  In addition, if you drink a lot of wine and you wonder what to do with the cork here is one for you.  In addition, I saw a clear acrylic Ornament filled with corks that had been cleaned.  I found these great projects that help with recycling items that you may already have in your home or will have after/ during the holidays. 
As I have stated before depending on the age of the child adult supervision is advised when using a hot glue gun!!

Recycled Champagne Cork Bear

Materials:  2 champagne corks, Wine cork, Christmas pick (use decorations from an old holiday wreath), 2 tassels, Small Christmas bow, 2 Googly eyes, Cardboard coaster, Pom Pom, Holiday ribbon, Hot glue gun & glue sticks, and Scissors

Cut small wed ge from bottom of one of your Champagne corks. This is so that you can angle your 2nd champagne cork as a head.
Cut your wine cork in the middle at a 45 degree angle. This will be used as the legs of the bear.
Using your hot glue gun, attach the cut ends of the wine cork to the bottom base of the 1st champagne cork, forming two short legs. Bear should be in a sitting position.
Attach the rounded end of your 2nd champagne cork to the cut out portion of your first champagne cork.
Attach the googly eyes to the top of the 2nd wine cork.
Disassemble Christmas pick. Individual elements of the Christmas pick will be used as embellishments to the cork bear.
Attach the tassels to the ends of the legs.
Glue base of the cork bear to the coaster.
Decorate bear with Christmas pick elements. For example, attach pine sprig behind the bear. Attach present to the coaster in front of the bear.
Attach sprig berries as a nose and antenna.
Attach holiday bow to the top of the bear. Wrap holiday ribbon around the bear as a scarf and hot glue in place. Attach pom pom as a bear tail.
Optional: Add a small screw eye to turn this unique creation into a Christmas ornament.

Recycled Reindeer Ornament

Materials:  3 or 4 wine bottle corks, 12-inch brown or beige pipe cleaner cut into a 3-inch and 9-inch piece, Two 1/4-inch googley eyes, 3 black or brown 1-inch pompoms for ears and tail*, 1 red or brown 1-inch pompom for nose, 6 inches gold metallic thread or raffia cord for hanger, 6 inches 1/8-inch wide red or green ribbon, or other wintery embellishment of your choice Serrated kitchen knife to cut corks, Hot glue gun
Optional: flat pieces of Styrofoam makes good fake snow for reindeer to stand on

These directions are specific to the little calf on the left in the top photo. There are many variations you can do. You can play around with what you have on hand until you get an animal form to your liking.
Cut a thin slice from a longer cork. The thin slice will form the neck.
Slice the reminder of this cork vertically down the middle to form the front and hind legs.
Choose another long cork for the body and cut a diagonal piece from one end where the neck slice will go.
Choose a cork for the head. Select a smaller one for the little guy.
Fold the 9-inch piece of pipe cleaner in half. Form a flat spiral at the center to fit the diameter of the top of the reindeer's head (cork).

Form the antlers any which way. You can use a thin paint brush handle to make spiraled antlers.
Bring the two ends of the 6-inch length of cord together and tie an overhand knot. Slip this hanger loop right through the center of the antler base so the knot will be hidden when you attach it to the reindeer's head.
Because I left the calf's body rounded (He's getting all that good nutrition from his mama, you know.), I had to round off the thigh area to fit onto the body for the haunches (Yup, I had to look that term up too!).
Fire up your glue gun and have at it!
Glue:  Neck piece to angled end of body; Head to neck; Antlers (with hanger on the outside) to top of head; Ears just below and slightly in from the antlers; Nose, googley eyes, and tail; and Legs to body.
Finally, form the 3-inch piece of pipe cleaner around the neck to make a collar. Glue in place and add a bow or sprig of holly, etc. at the front.
Optionally, glue assembled reindeer onto a piece of Styrofoam "snow".

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at  I look forward to hearing from you!

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