Thursday, December 19, 2013

More Christmas projects for teeny or adult

Here some more projects that Teenies can do or adults might like to do also.

Terracotta Christmas Bells

Materials: 2 x 3" Terracotta pots 3 large, Gold acrylic craft paint, Cord, Spray on varnish, and Large Beads

Start by painting the pot in a base color. Suggested colors are green, red and gold. Tie a knot in one end of some cord.
Thread on one bead then tie a second knot about 1 inch higher then the first bead.
Thread the cord through the drainage hole in the bottom of the pot. The beads should hang on the inside of the bell, one being the bell clanged the other stopping the cord from going through the hole.
Once it is threaded through tie on a third bead to hide the drainage hole from the top view.
Cut the cord to a desired hanging length. Tie a loop for the hanger.
You may want to try two of these hanging together to form a traditional two bell look.

Button Star Ornament

Note: You can make as an ornament or glue pin back on and give it as a gift.

Materials: flat unfinished wood stars, a drill for making the hanging holes,  white acrylic paint (FolkArt 901 Wicker White), glue (Aleene's Glass and Bead), buttons (white, pearl, rhinestone) in a variety of shapes and sizes, seed pearls, or pearl beads, decoupage medium (Plaid Mod Podge), sewing needle and thread for hanging

Drill a hole in one point of each star. A power drill really helps because they have a tendency to break or crack. Don't get too close to the edge.
 Paint each star with acrylic paints—a couple of coats, and don't forget the edges.
Now for the buttons. Start at the point with the drilled hole and place a button over it so the holes align. This is where the hanging thread will be added later. You can either apply glue to the wood and then press the button on or apply it to the button itself. You'll get the hang of arranging them after a while. You'll want a good mix of sizes, shapes, and shades of white, and to cover the surface without leaving too many open spaces or overlapping the outer edges too much. Use smaller buttons on the points and larger one toward the center.
After you have a base layer of buttons, go back and add a few more to cover any open spaces. Flat buttons can rest on top and buttons with shanks are perfect for filling smaller oblong openings. The seed pearls are to fill any really small holes, especially near the edges. You're going for a layered, crusted look—think royal treasure storeroom or pirate's treasure chest—the more the better.  You could add silver or gold beads, trinkets, or charms.
Once you're happy with the results, let the whole thing dry.
Paint the back side with the decoupage medium for a shiny, glossy finish. This works as glue, too, so you can add a little logo or message that you've printed on paper to the back. If you do this you'll need a few extra coats (with drying time in between).
Take a needle and make sure the hanging hole is clear (it gets gummed up with glue and paint and Mod Podge). Then string your hanging thread through the hole and knot it.

Beaded Star Christmas Ornament

Materials: wire star form 10 cm in diameter (you can also create your own by soldering four x 10 cm pieces in the middle together),8 silver color tube beads for the center, 16 x 0.6 mm faceted crystal glass beads, 8 red color tube beads for the ends, 8 red glass seed beads, and 8 x 1 cm red glass faceted opaque beads

Add the beads to the first spoke in this order:
* one silver tube bead
* one red seed bead
* one 0.6 mm facted crystal bead
* one red 1 cm opaque bead
* one 0.6 mm facted crystal bead
* one red tube bead
When the beads are added, use needle nose pliers to form a loop at the end of the spoke to prevent the beads from slipping off.
Continue in the same pattern for the next 7 spokes.
dd a wire hanger when finished.

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at  I look forward to hearing from you!

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