Sunday, December 22, 2013

Kids projects to make angel

As I stated before angel are one of my favorite items at Christmas; so, here are some for kids to make.

Note:  Adult supervision required

Easy Coffee Filter Angel

Materials:  3 basket style coffee filters, 2 cotton balls, 6-8" length of silver or gold ribbon, 1 white chenille stem, 1 gold chenille stem, Scissors, and Hot glue gun

Place two cotton balls in the center of one of the coffee filters.
Hold the coffee filter with your fingers, gathering the cotton balls in the center to create the angel's head.
Place a second coffee filter onto the open end, tucking the filter in a bit into the head area. This will produce the layered effect on the dress (see image).
While still holding the filter together, tie a piece of gold or silver ribbon around the "neck" and tie a tight bow. Trim ends and set aside.
Take the third coffee filter and fold it in half, then fold the filter up length-wise accordion style. Wrap a white chenille stem around the center, and then fan out the wings (see image). Fold the excess chenille into a loop for your hanger and twist together at the end.
Make a halo from the gold chenille by wrapping it around something circular, such as the top of a paint bottle. Twist the ends to form the halo. Trim the long end of the chenille, leaving approximately 3".
Have adult hot glue the halo to the back of the angel so that it is positioned above the head.
Glue the wings in place behind the angel, hiding the gold chenille from the halo.

Note:  Adult supervision required

String and Glue Angel

Materials:  water, Styrofoam or wooden ball, gold wire/string, paint, scrapbook paper

Mix the glue and a little bit of water in a cup. It should look more like cream than milk.
Make a cone out of paper and size to fit your wooden ball. I found a template here. Place on top of a water bottle for easier handling.
Immerse the string in the cup of glue and wrap carefully around the cone. We ended up using multiple pieces of string. Set out to dry overnight.
On a piece of wax paper, arrange glue-strings into a wing shape.
Curl and layer smaller cuts of string to fill in the wings.
Paint the angel's head as desired.
When the wings and body are dry, peel carefully from the wax paper and cone.
Hot glue everything together, adding the halo and pillow fluff hair if desired.

Kids' Beaded Angel

Materials: 58 pony beads (34 for the wings, and 24 for the body), 2 pipe cleaners, 1 shank button or 1 large bead for the head

On one pipe cleaner, thread 34 beads, (this will be for the wings). On the other pipe cleaner, thread 24 beads, (this will be for the body).
Form the wings. Bring the two ends of the pipe cleaner together, and twist to close. Pinch to find the center of the string of beads, (or count to find the center), and bring the center to the twisted end. Twist to form a figure “8”.
Make the body. Twist the two ends of the pipe cleaner together, leaving one long end.
Connect the wings and the body. Using the ends of the pipe cleaner from the wings section, wrap around under the head, and twist together at the back.
Make the head: Pass a shank button, or a large bead on the long end of the pipe cleaner, then form a halo with the remaining pipe cleaner.

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