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Snow/Snowman Projects to make

As I stated before I get a lot of project dealing with snowman; so, here is some more interesting one to do.

Snowballs for Sale Ornament

Materials:  clear glass bulb ornament
Premo! Sculpey:  two 2-oz. blocks 5001 white, 2-oz. block 5033 orange, 2-oz. block 5323 green, 2-oz. block 5382 cadmium red, 2-oz. block 5562 ultramarine blue,
2 black seed beads, straight pin, 12 white pompoms, Snowflake Stamps, 1/2″ Kemper circle cutter, 3/8″ Kemper heart cutter, pink & blue chalk,    cotton swab, paring knife, round toothpick, paintbrush, pasta maker or acrylic roller, black fine-tip pen, white Pentel Milky gel roller, light blue card stock,     scissors, eye pin, gold cord or ribbon, quilt batting, baking dish or cookie sheet,     circle template (optional, to measure clay), clear Liquid Nails adhesive from beauty supply stores

For the snowman’s body: Roll a 1-1/8-inch ball of white clay into a cone. Press straight pin halfway into the top of the body to support the head.

For legs: Roll two 3/4-inch balls of white into 1-1/4-inch-long tapered logs. Use snowflake rubberstamp to indent snowflake on end of each leg. Apply blue chalk to snowflake indentations with a cotton swab. Attach legs to body.

For arms: Roll two 5/8-inch balls of white into 1-1/4-inch-long tapered logs. Attach arms to body.

For head: Roll a 7/8-inch ball of white clay. Press two black seed beads into head for eyes. Use a toothpick to make two squint lines at each eye. Roll a 3/16-inch ball of orange into an oval nose and press onto his head. For his mouth, use a circle cutter and press half of the cutter into the head under the nose. Blush cheeks using pink chalk and cotton swab. Set aside.

For hat: Roll a 1-inch ball of ultramarine blue into a 3-inch-long tapered log. Use the rounded end of a paintbrush to make a hole in the center of the hat. Gently roll the paintbrush around the hole, making the hole larger until it fits over the head.
Bend the tail of the hat up and down. Press onto top of head.

For the brim of his hat: Roll a 1/4-inch-wide log of ultramarine blue. Flatten with your fingers and then use the paintbrush to indent. Starting at the back of the hat, press the brim around the lower edge of the hat and cut off when ends meet.

For the pompom on the hat: Roll a 7/16-inch ball of white. Use the rounded end of the paintbrush to make a hole in the pompom. Press onto the end of the hat.

Press the eye pin into the top of the hat.
Sit the body on top of the ornament and press slightly against the glass. Attach the head to the top of the body. Lay the ornament on a piece of quilt batting.

For the holly accent: Flatten a sheet of green through the pasta machine at a #4 setting (5/64-inch if using an acrylic roller). Use the heart cutter to cut out three hearts. Fold each heart gently in half and press ends together to form holly. Press onto glass. For the berries, roll three 1/8-inch balls of cadmium red and press them onto the center of the holly.

Bake at 265 F degrees for 30 minutes and let cool. Gently remove clay pieces from the glass.
Remove the metal top of the ornament, put 12 white pompoms inside and replace top.
Glue the body and holly accent onto the bulb. Set aside.

For the sign: Cut a 1-1/4″ x 3/4″ rectangle of blue card stock. Use the black pen to dash lines around the edge of the sign. Use white gel roller to write “Snowballs 4 Sale.” Glue the sign into the hands of the snowman.
String with gold cord or ribbon.

Newspaper Fabric Snowman Ornament

Materials:  Inkjet Fabric Sheets, Text book page of choice, Buttons and Jazzy Brads Flowers, May Arts Fabric Ribbon, Fairfield Poly-fil stuffing, 6/0 pebble beads in black, 12mm flat backed rhinestones, thin natural sticks, Scraps of orange felt, Beacon Adhesives Gem Tac, Fusible webbing, Sewing machine and thread, hand sewing needle and thread, Computer, scanner and printer, Scissors, Inkjet fabric sheets

The fabric sheets are paper backed so they go through your inkjet printer easily.
Stuffed snowman circles:  traced two different sized circles for the head and body of the stuffed snowman ornament on the paper backing. Cut the circles out. You need two circles of each size for the front and back of the snowman.
Orange felt nose:  To make the snowman nose, fuse some orange wool felt to fusible webbing with an iron and cut out a tiny triangle. Peel off the paper backing and fuse the nose to the snowman head. At this point you will want to peel the paper backing off of the fabric sheets too so you can begin to stitch the details in place.
Blanket stitch:  Blanket Stitch the edges of the felt with the hand sewing needle and thread, or you can machine stitches it using a straight stitch or a blanket stitch if your machine has one.
Snowman head:  Hand stitches the pebble beads in place for eyes.
Buttons:  every snowman needs buttons. Sew on buttons.  After the details are all stitched in place, it is time to sew the circles together using your sewing machine. Using a straight stitch, sew the circles about 1/4" from the edge and leave a 2" opening for stuffing.
Sew snowman bottom. Stuff the pieces and sew the opening closed.  Stuff the snowman bottom.  Now you can sew the head and body together using a straight stitch.  Snowmen sew together.  Another snowman must have, is a scarf.
Tie the ribbon in a loose loop and secured it with a Jazzy Brad.
Jazzy brads:  Cut another piece of ribbon for the hanger and sew to the top of the ribbon. Hide your stitches by sewing on another button.
Sew on hanger. Stick arms! Collecting snowman arms:  Glue the arms in place and then tuck the ends under the ribbon.

Snowmen Decoration

Materials:  Polymer clay (white, black, orange, and other colors for embellishments, thumb, String, twine, or ribbon

Optional: jewelry wire and Glaze

Start by rolling three even balls of white clay. use plain white but a shimmery white would also be beautiful.
Stack the three balls closely together. Now help your kids press their thumbs evenly into each of the three balls. Polymer clay is a little dense to work with. Wash hands right away after touching the clay.
Add decorations. To make the scarf, roll out a long piece of clay. Then slightly flattened it and wrapped it around the snowman's neck.
Optional:  Use jewelry wire to make a loop. Stick this into the top of your snowman before you bake it. If you're not familiar with jewelry making tools at all, you can just glue ribbon to the back of the ornament after it is baked.
Bake the ornaments. Follow the instructions on the brand of polymer clay you used. The size and color of the ornament will not change after you bake it.
Optional:  Let the ornament fully cool. Paint a thin coat of Glaze over the ornament for a finished look. (You can add a dab of glue around the jewelry wire to make sure it was fully secure.)
You could also have fun and add hats, arms, a mouth, earmuffs, and other fun accessories.

Snowman Wobbler

Materials: STYROFOAM Brand Foam:  12" x 4" cone, one 4" ball, one

Other Materials:  Clear glass marbles, 5" straw broom, Felt, 9" x 12" sheets: white, three; dark green; black, one each, Polyester fiberfill, Chenille stems: dark green, two; white; orange, one each, 1/4" black pom poms, two, 3/4" dark green flat buttons, three,  Fine-gauge spool wire, and Paints: black dimensional fabric; pink acrylic

Tools:  Scissors, Ruler, Pencil, Fine-line black permanent marker, Compass, Metal tablespoon, Extra-long straight pins, Large-eye sewing needle, Serrated knife,    Candle stub or paraffin, Wire cutters,  Needle nose pliers, Awl or ice pick,    Medium flat paintbrush, Disposable palette, Paper towels, Thick, white craft glue, and Low-temp glue gun and glue sticks

Press opposite sides of foam ball on a hard surface to flatten slightly. Wax serrated knife with candle stub or paraffin and cut ball in half.
Refer to diagram to cut top 4" from foam cone. Mark a line around cone 5" from base. Indent cone on line by pressing foam onto square edge of a counter or table. Note: This will become snowman's neck.
Refer to diagram to hollow out lower 5" of cone and one half ballby scooping out foam with a tablespoon. Leave approx. 1/4"-1/2"outer shell intact, working carefully to avoid cracking foam.
Cut white chenille stem in half. Using pattern cut two mittens from dark green felt. Glue mittens to matching felt, sandwiching white chenille stem between layers. Let dry. Cut mittens from doubled felt, cutting around original shapes.
Cut out remaining snowman patterns as indicated. Also cut one 12" x 4" strip from white felt for head and one 8" x 3/4"strip from dark green felt for neck portion of scarf.
Wrap orange chenille stem around tip of needle nose pliers to form cone nose. Mark placement of nose on center of 12" x4" white felt head; do not glue. Paint pink round cheeks on either side of nose mark. Draw a curved smile with black dimensional paint between cheeks. Allow to dry.
Fringe ends of scarf tails as indicated on pattern. Glue a green chenille stem lengthwise to back of each scarf tail just above fringe and then trim the excess stem. Cut 1/4" wide strips from excess white felt. Glue strips approximately 1/2"apart to both scarf tails and the 8" x 3/4" neck strip, trimming them flush with edges of dark green felt.
Overlap one side of felt robes 1/4" and glue to form one long piece. Glue buttons to robe where overlaps felt.
Following patterns overlap corresponding edges of robe, hat crown, and sleeves 1/4" and glue to form tubes. Repeat for head with facial features to inside. Turn.
10. Insert a chenille stem arm into each sleeve with wide end overlapping mitten slightly. Gather each sleeve 1/2" from bottom. To gather fabric throughout, use a large-eye needle with fine-gauge wire and hand sew gathering stitches where indicated. Gather fabric on wire and then twist wires together to secure. Trim excess wire. Spot glue bottom of sleeves to mittens, if necessary. Repeat to gather sleeves around chenille stem arms 1/4" from top.
Place robe on cone with top of felt 1/4" above indented neck. Gather robe around neck. Place head on cone with bottom f felt overlapping top of robe and face centered above buttons. Gather head around neck. Stuff head with fiberfill between foam and felt to give it a round appearance. Gather head 1/4" from top around cone.
Glue cone nose to face with two black pom pom eyes centered above. Glue 8" x 3/4" striped neck strip around neck, overlapping ends at one side. Glue one end of each scarf tail to neck strip, concealing side seam. Shape soft ripples in.
Gather hat crown tube 1/4" from top edge. Turn and shape as desired. Place hat brim over top of head, enlarging center circle if necessary. Place hat crown on top, gluing bottom edges to brim. Glue hatband around base of crown with ends at center back.
Use an awl or ice pick to form tiny holes in robe and foam body at shoulders to attach arms. Glue arms into holes with sleeve seams concealed at bottom. Glue broom tucked behind a mitten.
Turn cone body on end and weight hollow area with glass marbles. Align hollow half ball on bottom of cone with flat sides together and pin in place temporarily. Test snowman's rocking motion, adding or subtracting marbles as necessary.  When satisfied, remove pins and glue ball to cone permanently.

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at  I look forward to hearing from you!

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