Friday, December 13, 2013

Kids projects to make Snowman

The snowman fingerprints is done the same way the ornament was that blogged about last Christmas; this one required adult help.

Snowman Fingerprints Candle Holder

Materials: fabric puff paint colors: white, red, brown, black; Sharpie markers in a few colors; candle holder

Put craft paint on a paper plate and have your child press their hand into it.
Put the holder in the palm of your child's hand leaving their fingers flat.  Have your child slowly close fingers around.  Hold the top of the holder and have the child open fingers and lift the ornament from hand.
Place the holder on newspaper to dry.
Use sharpie markers to draw accents i.e. arms, eyes, hat, etc. Don't press too hard or the paint will come off.
Have the child write their name and the date on the holder.

Felt Snowman  Christmas Brooch

Materials:  Felt Scraps, Glue, Brooch Pin, Pattern, and Black Marker Pen
Print the pattern below to a suitable size and cut your pieces out of felt.

Felt Snowman Pattern

Use the picture as a color guide.
Lay one of your body pieces flat and glue you hat piece on.

Glue your arm pieces on and the gloves.
Next glue your shoes on and make sure all the gluing goes to the back.
Carefully cut your scarf out and glue into place.
Cut out holly leaves and berries to decorate the hat.
Use the black marker pen to draw the face on using the picture as a guide.
Use a red pom pom or red felt for the mouth.
Once you have finished, glue the second body piece onto the back and stitch of glue the brooch back into place.

Snowman Garland

Materials: Piece of cardboard to work upon (optional, you can also use a table), Piece of wax paper, tape, bits of colored scrap paper, beads, bits of fabric, etc.,  white glue, clear or white glitter (optional), ribbon for hanging (optional)

Begin the snowman glue craft by choosing your work area. If you use a table, be sure you can leave the snowmen there undisturbed, for a couple days to dry. A better solution is to find a piece of cardboard to work on so you can move it to a safe location to dry. Tape a piece of wax paper down on your work surface or the cardboard.
Using the white glue, outline three circles for the snowmen body. 

Then fill these in with white glue. If you are making these with very small children, you may want to make the circles for them and then allow them to fill in the lines of the circle with glue. Get a nice thick layer of glue, and don’t worry if it isn’t perfect.
Optional: Sprinkle each snowman with some clear or white glitter to give them some extra sparkle.
Glitter Snowman
Now it is time to be creative! Use little bits of scrap paper and bits of fabric to make buttons, eyes, and other features. I used small seed beads for eyes, paper punched holes for buttons, and cut out different shaped hats. For the arms, you could also find small twigs for the yard, or try some pipe cleaners or thin wire. For the earmuffs, cut out small ovals from construction paper and connected them with a small piece of yarn. Don’t worry if the features “sink” into the glue. As the glue dries it will become more opaque so you will be able to see the features.
Allow the snowmen to dry for about two days. Then, gently peel each snowman off from the wax paper (a flat spatula will come in handy).
You can also attach the snowmen to a ribbon to hang as a garland. You can also use these as magnets, on greeting cards and gift tags, or make them into a pin.

Snowman Pins

Materials:  Two 3" Squares of White Felt, Embroidery floss, Little clear hair elastic, 2 ½"H x 4 1/4" W fleece and 6" x ½" piece of fleece, Black & Orange Fabric Paint (in squeeze bottle), Needle with eye big enough for embroidery floss, Blush,    Hot Glue, and Bar pin

Cut two 2" circles from the white felt.
Using 4 strands of floss put the 2 circles together (one on top of the other) and sew the edges all the way around using the blanket stitch.
Fold the 2 ½" x 4 1/4" piece of fleece in half so the 2 ½" ends are lined up and sew across.
Right side out
Gather one end of the tube and wrap a little clear elastic around it. If you don't have the elastics, tie a piece of string tightly around the gathered section.
Fold up the other end to form a cuff.
Place the hat on top of the circle and glue in place.  Be sure the seam is in the back.
Tie the other piece of fleece around the bottom end of the circle for the scarf and glue in place.
Glue the bar pin on the back of the snowman hat.
On the front, brush the cheeks with a little blush.
Using the black fabric paint, make 2 dots for eyes and 4 or 5 dots for the mouth.
Using the orange fabric paint, make the carrot nose. Do this by squeezing out a small ball of paint and releasing the pressure while pulling to the side. Practice on a paper towel first.

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at  I look forward to hearing from you!

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