Saturday, December 21, 2013

Recycled ornaments with Light Bulbs

As I started yesterday, there are lots of things to put inside a clear ornament. There are also a lot of characters to make with a used light bulb as you can see from the projects below.

Reindeer Ornament

Materials:  Regular indoor light bulbs, Light-brown craft paint, Brown pipe cleaners, 1 1/2-inch wide ribbon or scrap of fabric, 10-inch thin ribbon, Paintbrush, Hot glue gun, Black and red paint or permanent markers, Jingle bells (optional), and Red foam ball (optional)

Paint the glass part of the light bulb with brown paint and let dry
Meanwhile, make the antlers by cutting one pipe cleaner in half and another into smaller pieces (about eight 2-inch pieces)
Wrap three or four of the smaller pieces around the larger pipe cleaner to make the points on your antlers
Hot glue one to each side of the metal part of the light bulb
Next, cover the metal and base of the antlers with ribbon or fabric and glue in place
Thread a jingle bell or two onto the thin piece of ribbon and tie in a knot to create a loop
Glue to the top of the ornament so it’s ready to hang on a tree and then finish by giving your reindeer a cute face using markers, paint or a red foam ball for the nose

Penguin Ornament

Materials:  Regular indoor opaque light bulb, Black, white, yellow and red craft paint, Paintbrush, Orange and blush colored craft paint or permanent markers, 10-inch piece of ribbon or string, Hot glue gun,

Start with an opaque bulb or paint the clear glass white until covered (that might take a few coats)
Add the black “tuxedo” penguins are so famous for using the black paint to add a beak, black paint for eyes and red for rosy cheeks
Create a loop from the ribbon or string and glue to the top of the bulb
Wait for it to dry before hanging

Snowman Ornament

Materials: Regular indoor opaque light bulb, Adhesive spray, Glitter, Dry stick from outside, 10-inch piece of ribbon or string, Hot glue gun, Toothpick, Black and orange craft paint

Start with an opaque bulb or paint the clear glass white until covered (this could take more than one coat)
Once dry, spray with adhesive and cover with glitter
Break the stick into two pieces just the right size for your snowman’s arms and hot glue on either side of the bulb (metal side pointing up!)
Next, make a loop from your ribbon and hot glue to the top
Using the point of a toothpick, paint dots for the eyes, mouth, buttons and carrot nose
Tip: Go green! Use compact fluorescent light bulbs for ornaments too. Simply cover them with green craft paint and wrap holiday garland around them to create cute holiday trees.

Light Bulb Grinch Craft

Materials: Light Bulb, ribbon, Acrylic Paint, White Fuzzy Fur, Ribbon, Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks, Clear Acrylic Sealer, Paint Brush, and Scissors

Paint the light bulb green. Let it dry completely. You will probably have to use a few layers of paint. Paint on the face using black paint and let it dry completely. Paint in yellow around eyes to add some extra detail. Let it dry completely. Spray lightly with clear acrylic sealer, you don't want it to run, and let it dry completely.
Cut a piece of ribbon and use hot glue to attach it to the top for a hanger. Measure your fuzzy fur around the head and cut, glue it on with the glue gun.

Light Bulb Cat in Hat

Materials: Light bulb, Acrylic Paint,  Ribbon, Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks, Clear Acrylic Sealer,  Paint Brush, Toilet Paper Roll, Masking Tape, Newspaper, Paper Mache, Paste, Pen, Craft Foam or Felt, and Scissors

Cut a toilet paper roll in half (you will only use one half). Place the socket end of the light bulb into one end of one of one of the toilet paper rolls. Use masking tape to hold it in place. Stuff the open end of the toilet paper roll with newspaper.

Cover your light bulb with 3 or 4 layers of paper mache.

Place the toilet paper roll end of the light bulb on a piece of red craft foam or felt. Trace around it. Cut out the circle you traced and then cut out a donut shape by cutting about an inch out around that circle.

Paint the entire paper mached light bulb white. It might take a few layers to get good coverage. Let the paint dry.

Use black paint and the photo here as a guide to paint the Cat-In-The-Hat's face onto the light bulb.

Cut 2 small triangles out of black craft foam or felt. Glue them to the side of the Cat-In-The-Hat's head.

To add the hat brim, simply push the red craft foam or felt 'donut' you cut out in step 5 down over the toilet paper roll until it rests on top of the light bulb.

Use red paint to make stripes on the toilet paper roll section of the paper mached light bulb. This will be the Cat-in-the-Hat's hat.

Cut a piece of ribbon about 10-inches long. Fold it in half, hold both ends together, and glue both ends to the back side of the hat. Once the glue is dry you can hang up your Cat-In-The-Hat craft where ever you want!

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