Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Supplementary Angel Projects for Adults to make

Here are some more angels to make for the top of your tree,etc.

Cone Christmas Angel

Materials: Cardboard Cone, 2 paper doily's, Ping pong Ball or large bead, Gold spray paint, Ribbon, Craft Glue, and Ready-made wings

To make this simple, yet elegant Christmas craft begin by constructing spray painting your cone.
Paint your ping pong ball or large bead to look like a face. In the picture we have left it totally gold for a more simplistic looking Christmas angel.
Take your 2 paper doilies and cut 1 of them in half. These 2 half’s will form the angels sleeves. Simply fold each half into half again as shown in the picture.

With the 2nd doily cut it into half and then trim off the decorative edge off one half. This section becomes the angel’s collar. Discard the 2nd half as you do not need it for this project.
Spray paint your folded sleeves and the collar with the gold spray paint.
Alternatively if you are spray painting the whole angel a single color as we have done then you can glue it all together and then paint it.
Glue on the head first then the collar and finish off with the sleeves. Add the wings onto the back and glue on a small bow in the front.

Peg Angel

Materials:  Wooden Clothes Peg, 2 paper doilies, Angel wings, Fine ribbon, Craft/Doll Hair, and Marker pen

To begin you need to cut the dress by removing the outer edge of 1 doily so that just the middle remains. This forms the top of her dress.
The bottom of her dress is formed by a whole doily.
Place both doilies onto the peg by pushing the bottom of the peg over the paper doily as shown.
Secure the doilies with a little craft glue.
Tie the ribbon onto the top of the peg and draw a face onto it.
Glue on the hair and wings.

Aged Angel Tree Topper

Materials:  White Poster Board, Pencil, Fine Point Marker, Scissors, Paints: Black, Wine, Ivory, Metallic Gold, School Mucilage, White Glue, Clear Varnish, Paint Brushes: 1/2 " flat, small round, liner., Ruler and Water

Copy the pattern lines onto typing paper, or photocopy the pattern. The pattern can be enlarged or decreased in size to suit your own taste on a photocopy machine.

Angel Tree-Topper Pattern

Transfer the outline of the angel onto poster board. You only need the outline at the moment. Cut out the angel using scissors.
Mix white glue and black paint half and half. Using 1/2″ brush, spread the mixture thickly to cover the entire shape of the angel, one side only. Allow to dry, or speed dry with a hair blow dryer. Optional: Repeat on the other side, covering the entire surface with paint mixture. This makes the finished project more durable.
Dot several large globs of school mucilage onto the angel shape, and evenly spread it over the entire surface with 1/2″ brush, which has been cleaned in water. Allow to dry for approx. 10 minutes, or speed dry for about 30 seconds with a blow dryer. Wash brush.
Paint over the partially dried mucilage with Ivory paint with 1/2″ brush. Allow about one to two minutes for the paint to establish it’s crackle finish.

Place the pattern over the dried, painted, crackled angel, and transfer the details onto the surface. Use a ruler and a pencil to draw the straight lines. To transfer the details, rub a pencil on the back of the pattern to establish a graphite back on the pattern, place the pattern over the painted angel, and draw over the details of the angel. Enough pencil markings should be left on the angel so that you can use them as a guideline for the finish painting, if not, using a pencil, define them a but more using the faint pencil transfer lines as a guide.
Mix Wine paint and Ivory paint to establish a pink color for the face. Using a small round brush, paint in the face. Darken the pink color with a bit more wine color, and paint in the hearts.
Paint the hair with Metallic Gold. When dry, paint the eyes using a liner brush and black paint.
With liner brush, add all the Metallic Gold lines around the halo, the wings, and the dress folds. Also outline the hearts. Paint a line of Metallic Gold all around the outside edges of the angel.
When dry, use a black fine liner to draw in the eyebrows, the nose, eyelashes, and outline the lips. Use the liner brush to add a small white dot to the center of each cheek. Dip 1/2″brush into Metallic Gold and spatter the entire angel by running the bristles against the pencil. Finish by painting all the surfaces with clear varnish.
The angel may be glued closed permanently, or held closed with a paper clip so that it can be stored flat.

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