Saturday, December 14, 2013

More Christmas projects for kids!!

Most project here will make great gifts for moms, and grandmas, and teachers.

Christmas Brooch: Felt Reindeer

Materials:  Glue, Felt Scraps, red pom pom, Brooch pin Reindeer Pattern, and Marker Pen

Print the pattern below to a suitable size and cut your pieces out of felt.

Felt Reindeer Pattern.

Use the picture as a color guide.
Lay your lower body flat then glue the head into position with glue only on the underside of the chin.
Glue the arms into place with the small pieces of black on the tips. Check your picture for guidance.
Glue the shoes into place and the antlers on top and then the ear inserts.
Finish off by adding the face and gluing the full body piece onto the back. Stitch or glue the brooch piece into place.

Epsom Salt Christmas Word Art

Materials:  Cut Wooded Word – Believe, White Acrylic Paint, White PVA Craft Glue, Epsom salts, and Clear Spray Varnish

Option:  Additional words can be used if you can get them at your craft store like: NOEL, JOY

Take your cut wooden word or paper mache word and paint it white. The white background enhances the Epsom Salt crystals and allows them to stand out. Allow it to dry before coating it in white craft glue. You need the glue to be thick enough to allow the crystals to stick and thin enough that it doesn’t drip off.
Once you have coated it with glue, roll it into the Epsom salt crystals.
Allow to dry and touch up any missed areas.
Once completed spray with a clear varnish to prevent the Epsom salts from popping off.

Glitter Christmas Tree Craft

Materials:  cupcake baking cups, glitter craft foam with adhesive back, and hole punch

Use hole punch to make several small circles with the glitter craft foam.
Fold cupcake baking cup in half with colored side on outside.
Make cupcake cup into a spiral Christmas tree shape.  Affix glitter foam circles onto both sides to hold into place.
Decorate the rest of the tree with remaining glitter foam circles.

Felt Santa Christmas Brooch

Materials: Felt Scraps, Pattern, Glue, Brooch Pin, Marker Pen, and White pom pom

Print the pattern below to a suitable size and cut your pieces out of felt.
Santa Felt Pattern

Use the picture as a color guide.
Lay you lower pieces of the body flat, glue your face on. Next is the hat and the hat band.
Check the picture for the beard placement.
Glue on the arms and don’t forget the sleeve cuff in white.
Position the belt and place the gold buckle into place.
Add a circle of skin tone felt for the nose and draw the face on with the marker pen. Use a small scrap of red for the mouth.
Glue on the shoes and cuff.
Finish off by gluing the tall piece of body onto the back. Glue or sew the brooch back into place.

Epsom salts Snowflakes


Materials: Epsom salts, Wooden Craft sticks, White Craft Glue, String for hanging, and Clear Spray Varnish

Start by using the wooden craft sticks to create your snowflakes. These can be as simple or as intricate as the child’s ability permits.
For white snowflakes it is suggested to spray painting them first to speed along. Otherwise you can mix 50% white paint with Craft Glue and apply to Epsom salt crystals to this glue/paint mix.
Once the design has glued together, paint with white paint and allow to dry. Then coat with the white glue and dip it into the Epsom salt crystals.
If you as using a glue/paint mix then apply a thick coat and dip into the crystals, set aside to dry.
Once finished spray with a clear varnish to seal the Epsom salts on to the snowflakes.

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at  I look forward to hearing from you!

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