Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine Day Projects for adults to make

The second project would be a great gift for a teacher to make for his/her students for several reasons.  You will see below.

Felt Coffee-Cup Sleeve

Materials:  Felt, Fabric scissors, pinking shears, Sewing machine, sewing supplies, and Craft glue


Copy the template. Cut felt with fabric scissors, wrap it around a coffee cup, pin in place, and slide cup out. Machine-sew closed; trim seam with pinking shears, leaving 1/4-inch excess. Cut out hearts with scissors; glue to sleeve.

Felt Tissue Pouch

Materials: Felt, Fabric scissors, pinking shears, Sewing machine, sewing supplies, and Stamps (optional)

Cut felt with fabric scissors; fold it so edges meet in the center. Machine-sew sides, leaving 1/4-inch excess; trim with pinking shears. Stamp message on tissues if desired.

Bonbon-Filled Hearts

Materials:  Plain or patterned lightweight card stock, Pencil, Hole punch, Ribbon, and Candy

Fold and unfold a square of plain or patterned lightweight card stock to score it as pictured.
Fold the card stock in half vertically, and open.
Fold it horizontally.
Draw two opposite corners of the square inward, tucking in the other two corners.
Trace a heart.
Slide fold A behind fold B.
Hold in place. Then use a hole punch to pierce both; thread a ribbon through, and tie. Fill both sides of the heart with candy.

Heart-Felt Bag

Materials:  Wool felt, Rotary cutter and mat, Double-sided iron-on adhesive,    Decorative quilting cotton, Sewing machine, Coordinating thread, Pins, Iron, Magnetic-snap closures, Heart template, Scissors, and Fabric glue


Lay the cotton-backed felt with the cotton side facing up. Fold 1 inch down on both short sides and press.
Attach a magnet closure to the flap on each side. Pin a handle piece in place at the center of each short side.
Using a zipper foot and less than a 1/8-inch seam allowance, stitch the folded sides down to create a hem at each short end, being sure to catch the strap piece in the seam.
Fold the piece in half with felt sides facing. Using a 1/4-inch seam allowance, sew up the sides of the bag. Create a 2-inch gusset at the bottom of each corner.
Turn the bag right-side out and sew the bag handle pieces together in the center to form a heart shape.
Print template and trace hearts onto different colors of felt. Cut hearts from felt and use fabric glue to attach to bag.

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