Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Two more Christmas Projects for kids to make

I found these at the last minute and they look really fun to do!!

Festive Pringles Containers

Materials:  Pringle Containers, items to decorate, fabric or wrapping paper, waxed paper, and Hot Glue

Clean out the inside of the pringle can with paper towels letting them absorb most of the oil that might be left in the can. Then using paper, fabric, or wrapping paper cover the outside. Hot glue works best for the fabric and wrapping paper; white glue or tacky glue is sometimes better for construction paper. Decorate the outside in whatever manner you like.
Once the outside is decorated, put waxed paper inside, lining the tube. You can stack cookies into the can just like the chips used to be. If there is a little space at the top and another cookie won't fit you can use a little waxed paper to act as packing. Put the top back on and you have a wonderful cookie gift for friends, etc.

Pine Cone Snowman Craft

Materials:  Pine Cone, Paint, Twigs, Pom-poms, Chenille Stems, Ribbon, Beads or Wiggle Eyes, Craft Glue, and Scissors

Paint the pine cone white. This will be your snowman's body. Glue a white pom-pom onto the pointy top of the pine cone for your snowman's head. Find two tiny twigs and glue them in place for the snowman's arms.
Make a snowman's face using an orange pipe cleaner as the nose, seed beads to form the mouth, and slightly larger beads for the eyes. Use whatever supplies you want to make your snowman's facial features.
For the hat, trim one edge of the red pom-pom and glued it on. Glue a ball on the red hat with a small, green pom-pom. Wrap about a 6-inch piece of ribbon around the neck to look like a scarf.

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