Sunday, March 15, 2015

Planting for kids to do in March to get ready for warmer weather!

Some areas in the country start getting ready to plant for the summer by starting the seedlings.  This works great if you have a lot of sun light or can setup artificial light. Some project use upcycling and will help the environment!

DIY: Flower Seed Pockets

Materials:  1/3 yard Burlap or coffee or rice bags, Gardening string, Organic potting soil, Seeds, Scissors

Cut burlap into 6.5” squares.
Put a small handful of potting soil on each square.
Liberally sprinkle seed mix onto potting soil.
Gather the edges of the burlap up and tie shut with string.
Bury the whole pocket in the ground and the seeds will grow through the burlap.

Eggshell Planters

Materials: Empty eggs shells, Seeds, Potting soil

Take one of the eggs shells using a serrated knife or a pair of scissors to gently remove one end of the eggshell.  Poking a couple of holes in the eggshell along the line will allow you to cut easier.
Fill the eggshell to the top with potting soil.  The soil will shrink down a bit when it gets wet.
Plant a two to four seeds in the soil, following the instructions on the seed packet.  To water use a spray bottle to lightly mist until the surface is uniformly damp. 
Put our eggshells back into the carton they came in, until they are ready to move outside.  Just make sure that your plants get plenty of sunlight so that your seedlings don't get leggy and flop over! 

Adult help is needed to drill holes in the cans!

Fence planters from cans

Materials: Empty coffee cans or small empty cans, spray paint, drill, potting soil, wire

Drill three holes in the bottom of the can for drainage and two holes in the top for wire.
Spray paint the color of your choosing.
Fill with potting soil.
Push wire through the hole and tied around fence posts.

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