Friday, December 21, 2012

Puzzle Piece Projects for kids

The first two projects use a 1,000 pieces of puzzles.  I go to yard sales and buy puzzles that do not have all the pieces; this way you get them cheap and as you are aware I love to upcycle.

Materials:  Grey-board (cereal box cardboard), Glue, Pieces from a 1000-piece,  puzzle, White Gesso or other primer, Acrylic paints, Glitter glue, 1/8" ribbon and Sponge paint brush


Cut a rough Christmas Tree shape out of grey-board.

Glue down your first layer of puzzle pieces and allow to dry completely.

Paint the puzzle pieces and the base with Gesso.
Note: Use a sponge brush and stippled the Gesso onto the tree to give it some texture.
Repeat this process until you're happy with the appearance of your tree.
Note: A total of 3 layers on the tree.
Paint a final coat of Gesso over the entire tree.

Paint the tree green and the trunk brown.
Add a thick layer of matching glitter glue.


Glue a ribbon hanger to the back of the ornament.

 For this snowflake version, glue 3 puzzle pieces evenly spaced from one another onto a grey-board circle.  On top, add another 3 puzzle pieces centered between them, which formed the perfect snowflake!

Paint the snowflake with Gesso and added glitter glue and then attached the ribbon hanger and was finished!! 

Second Puzzle Piece Snowflake Ornament

 Materials:  Old Puzzle Pieces, Paint, Craft Glue, Collage Pauge, Glitter, Ribbon, Jingle Bell, Paint Brush and Scissors

Start off by painting your puzzle pieces. For my snowflake, paint 6 white puzzle pieces. You can use as many as you like. Let the paint dry.

Arrange the white puzzle pieces until you get a snowflake design you like. Glue the pieces together. Be generous with the glue. Once the glue is dry, flip your snowflake over and add more glue where the pieces join together just to make it a little stronger.

Now we need to get the snowflake ready for the glitter. Coat my snowflake with Collage Pauge, but you can also use thinned glue. Use a paint brush to apply a coat of glue to the front of the entire snowflake.

Place your snowflake on a piece of paper and generously coat it with glitter. Pat the glitter onto the snowflake, then pick it up and gently shake off any extra glitter onto the paper. You can then carefully pour the glitter back into the container. Let the glue dry.

Now you should cut a piece of ribbon about 8- to 10-inches long.
Take a piece of ribbon, fold it in half, and glue the ends to the top back of your snowflake. This will be your loop for hanging the ornament.
For finishing touches to my snowflake, use a piece of ribbon to make a bow and added a jingle bell. Feel free to use whatever you want to embellish your snowflake. Once all of the glue is dry, hang up your ornament and enjoy!

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