Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Crafts with “Santa” theme for kids to do

Santa’s are one of the items I collect during Christmas time.  I loved getting Santa items from my students.  In the 1990’s, my dad sent me a beaded bendable Santa he found in a yard sale. Yard sales became one of his favorite things to keep him busy. So the first project has that idea in mind.
Silly-Legs Santa

Here's a curly Santa ornament with a real spring in his step.
Materials:  Egg carton, Masking tape, White paint, Skin-tone paint, Red paint, Googly eyes, Red puffy paint, Red felt, Glue, White pom-pom, White cotton, Red pipe cleaners, Pencil, Black felt, Pushpin, and Gold elastic cord


To make one, start with the basic body shape, as described for the Petite Penguin, but omit the rice. Paint the top half of the body white, with a small skin-tone face area, then paint the bottom half red. Glue on googly eyes and add a dot of red puffy paint for a nose.
For a hat, glue a 4 1/2- by 1 1/2-inch piece of red felt around the top of the head. Glue closed the top, then add a white pom-pom. Glue on white cotton for Santa's beard and the trim on his hat.

For arms and legs, coil red pipe cleaners (1 for each leg, 1/2 for each arm) by winding them around a pencil. Glue one end of each leg between 2 black felt boot shapes, and bend one end of each arm into a round hand shape. Use a pushpin to create small arm- and legholes in the body, then push through one end of each curled pipe cleaner.

Glue a loop of gold elastic cord to the back of Santa's hat for hanging.

I may have posted this before but it is a real good one to do.

Spoon Santa

Materials:  Red felt, Scissors, Pushpin, Monofilament, Wooden craft spoon, White faux fur, Glue or glue dots, Self-adhesive googly eyes, Small white pom-pom


Cut out a red felt hat that's slightly taller than the craft spoon handle (ours is about 3 inches). Use a pushpin to poke a hole through the felt about 1/4 inch below the tip of the hat. Thread a 7-inch length of monofilament through the hole and knot the ends to create a loop.

Cut out a fur strip to trim the hat and glue it in place. Then cut out a fur beard.
Glue the hat and the beard to the spoon as shown, then stick the googly eyes to the wood. 

Finally, glue a small white pom-pom to the tip of the hat.

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