Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Projects with “Tree” Theme for adults to make

Some individuals do not have the space for Christmas tree; so, here are a couple ideas for the table.

Yarn Christmas Trees

These wrapped trees make a great centerpiece for your holiday table.

Materials: regular yarn, fuzzy yarn, 3 foam cones, pins, accessories


Start at the bottom of the cone and pin both yarns together to the base. Then, wrap your way up the cone, securing a few more pins at the bottom to keep everything in place. Once your tree is fully covered, cut the ends and pin them down. You can leave your tree as is or you can accessorize with red berries and wire stars.

Christmas Tree Napkin Holder

Materials:   1 yard of cotton cording (3/16-inch size);  1 yard of 20-gauge crafts wire;  1-inch-wide strips of cotton fabric, cut with pinking shears;  Fabrics glue;    Decorative button, bead, or bell

Holding cording and wire together, wrap fabric strips around them tightly. Glue fabric around the cording at the ends. Starting at the bottom lay a 3-1/2-inch-long strip of wrapped cording flat--to serve as the back support of the tree shape.

Make a bend in the length of cording for a small loop at the top of the tree and continue to loop the wrapped cording around, back and forth, making increasingly larger loops for the tree shape and crossing over the back vertical length of the cording.

End with a 2-inch-diameter circle at the bottom. Work the end of the wrapped cording into the tree shape. Using fabrics glue, secure the tree loops to the back vertical support, and glue the end in place. Glue a decorative item to the top.

Christmas Tree Wire Ornament Holder

Materials:  Black crafts wire: 16-gauge and 20-gauge; Wire cutter; Pliers; Jewelry pliers; Ornaments; Wood frame, sized to fit around the tree; Glue gun and hotmelt adhesive; Glittery star ornament with hanging loop; Ribbon bow; and Computer-printed holiday greeting

Determine the size of wire tree you want by drawing a triangle on paper and testing the spacing of the “boughs” in relation to the ornaments you want to display. Our tree is about 15 inches tall and 10-1/2 inches wide at the bottom.

For the tree, form a triangle from the 16-gauge wire. Use pliers to twist the wire ends together at top. For boughs, cut four pieces of wire slightly wider than the triangle, allowing about an inch overhang to curl the ends.

Attach boughs, twisting each wire end around the side of the tree and then using the jewelry pliers to curl the ends. 

Cut small pieces of 20-gauge wire for ornament hooks. Use jewelry pliers to shape
the wire pieces into S-shape ornament holders. Hang the wire tree on the wall.

Attach S-shape holders to ornaments and hang them from the wire boughs. Hot-glue the star ornament, ribbon bow, and holiday greeting to the top center of the frame.

Hang the frame, centering the wire tree within the frame so the star appears to be the tree topper.

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