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Additional Christmas Crafts for kids to make

I found some more items for kids to make.  This is a mixture of things.  In the future I will have some “theme” items,
Chenille Snowman and Rudolph

Materials:  pencil, 12 white chenille stems, 2 black chenille stems, 1 each skinny chenille  stem: brown, red, and orange, 5 brown chenille stems, 1 red chenille stem, 1 light brown chenille stem, 1 gold glitter chenille stem , 2 small wiggle eyes , White craft glue , Scissors , and toothpick

For snowman:
Connect two white chenille stems end to end by twisting the ends around each other. Continue this until you have seven stems connected.
Wrap the connected stems around a pencil, creating a large ball for the bottom of the snowman. Connect 3 white chenille stems together and wrap around a pencil, creating the center ball.
Wrap one white stem around a pencil creating the head. Take the last white chenille stem and thread all three snowman sections onto the stem. Set aside. Wrap one of the black chenille stems around a large paintbrush or your thumb, creating the brim of the hat. Wrap the second black chenille stem around a pencil, creating the top of the hat. Thread the brim and top of hat onto the white chenille stem with the rest of the snowman. Push the snugly together and trim the exposed ends. Cut the skinny brown chenille into four equal pieces. Create the arms by wrapping one piece around the top third of another, twisting once to create fingers. Repeat for second arm. Insert into the sides of the snowman. Cut a one-inch piece of the orange chenille and insert into the face for the nose.
Cut skinny red chenille in half then cut that half into thirds. Wrap each piece around a toothpick to create the buttons. Secure buttons and all pieces with glue.
For reindeer:
For the reindeer, connect three brown chenille stems together end to end, then wrap around a pencil to create an oval shaped body.
Bend two brown chenille stems in half and coil the ends around a pencil to create the legs. Insert the legs over the top and into the body.
Cut a one-inch piece off the remaining brown chenille stem and bend in half. This is the tail and can be inserted into the back of the body. Coil the remaining chenille stem around a pencil, leaving about an inch of it straight. Insert the straight end into the front of the body as the neck. Bend the coiled section into a head/neck.  
 Cut a three-inch piece of red chenille and coil it around a toothpick, leaving about one-inch straight. Insert the straight end into the face for the nose.  
Cut light brown chenille into thirds. Bend one third in half for the antler base. Twist the other two pieces around the tops of the antlers. Insert into the top of the head.
Secure all sections with glue and glue on wiggle eyes.
Cut gold chenille into third. Twist one of the thirds around the neck as a collar.


  1. For younger children, skip the more intricate details such as the buttons on the snowman.
  2. You can use less chenille stems, just coil the pieces looser to create more of a spring-type look.
  3. You can turn these into ornaments by added a piece of yarn or a chenille stem hanger.

Craft Stick Santa


Materials:  8 mini craft sticks, Acrylic paint: red, white, flesh colored paint (we used peach), pink, black, 3” x 3” piece of white cardboard or cardstock, 6” piece of green yarn, White craft glue, Paintbrush, and Scissors


Paint six of the craft sticks white and the remaining two red. Set aside to dry
Place the craft sticks onto the white cardboard and arrange them as pictured: Take a white craft stick and place it in the center. Then stagger other four in a stair formation with two on the left and two on the right. The last remaining white craft stick should be layered horizontally across the top of the other white craft sticks. The two red sticks should be positioned in a triangle to make a hat.
Use a pencil to lightly mark the outer edges of the triangular opening of the hat and the face opening
Remove the craft sticks and paint those two areas, the hat area red, and the facial area with the flesh colored paint. Let dry.
Cut out around the painted areas, though keep it all in one piece so you can glue your craft sticks to it.
Glue the craft sticks to the cardboard and to each other. Allow to dry
Use the handle end of a paintbrush to dot on two pick cheeks and two black eyes. Mix a small amount of pink and peach and dot on for nose
Loop the green yarn and tie in a knot. Glue the knotted end to the back of the ornament.


  • This can be made into a magnet instead of an ornament.
  • Mini craft sticks are available at craft supply stores and discount department stores.
  • For the cardboard in this project, we used the back of the cover from our construction paper pad!

Rudolph Paper Cup Craft


Materials:  1 plastic, paper, or foam drinking cup, Brown and pink acrylic paint, 2 3”-square pieces of tan felt, 2 medium wiggle eyes, 1 medium red pom pom, 2 black chenille stems, Strip of felt to fit the inside rim of your cup, White craft glue, Black marker, and Scissors,


Paint cup with brown paint and set aside to dry.
When paint is dry, stand cup upright and glue two wiggle eyes on the front of the cup, about halfway down from the rim.
Glue red pom pom on for the nose just above the bottom of the cup, centered under the eyes.
 Use scissors to carefully poke a slit in both sides of the cup where you want the ears to go.
Roll one of the felt squares up like a cone; insert the pointed end into one of the slits on the cup. Repeat on other side. Secure felt to the cup with white craft glue.

Bend each chenille stem in half. Form chenille ends into antlers by creating a couple of bends on each one.
Glue strip on tan felt inside the rim of the cup, then immediately insert the antlers under the strip on each side. You may need to hold these in place for a few minutes until the glue grabs. You can also secure with clothespins.
Dip your fingertip in pink paint and dab the excess off onto a paper towel. Dot pink on for cheeks.
Use a black marker to draw on eyebrows.


  • To give this cup some weight, glue a washer to the bottom of the cup.
  • Fill with wrapped candies and give as a gift.
  • Substitutions: red glitter can be used instead of pom poms; brown felt can stand in for brown chenille.
Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at  I look forward to hearing from you!

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