Saturday, December 15, 2012

Last minute Hanukkah Projects for kids to make

With Hanukkah just about to end, I wanted to blog about some last minutes projects for kids to make for Hanukkah.

Hanukkah Tissue Paper Cut Outs Craft

Materials:  Tissue paper, Pinking shears, Glue, and Glasses, vases, or hurricane lamps

Cut strips of tissue paper of varying heights, but all the same length. Measure the diameter of the vase/hurricane and cut my strips just a bit longer.
Fold strips accordion style, and cut out shapes on the fold, such that the shape repeats itself across the strip once unfolded.
Layer strips such that contrasting colors appear within the cut out shapes. Adhere with glue. Note: due to the fact that tissue paper is quite thin, my dots of glue were visible. If you'd like to avoid this, brush on glue with a brush.

Hanukkah Themed Beaded Sun Catchers On Recycled Lids

Materials:  clear plastic lids, from take out containers, produce containers, pony beads, ours are translucent with sparkles, perfect for this project, white glue and a marker

Teach your child about the idea of planning a project ahead, and to consider size and proportion by sketching the idea on a piece of paper to achieve the best results. Once a good sketch has been achieved, place that under the lid and trace outline on to lid. Or, for older children, as we did with the menorah, simply use the sketch placed under the lid as a guide, such that there are no marker lines in the finished product.

Examine drawing to see if it needs more details or is fine as is. We decided to add our details with the beads rather than adding more marker lines.

Apply a nice puddle of glue to lid, and start placing beads. We decided we did not want to see the holes of the beads, but the holes can also be a design element if desired.

Use a variety of colors for the most beautiful results! Ta Da! Set aside to dry overnight and hang,

Felt dreidel banner

Materials:   Assorted colors of felt, pen, scissors, craft glue, string, and tape

Use your pen to draw a dreidel shape onto a piece of felt. Cut out the shape with scissors, then use it as a template to trace the other dreidels for your banner. Cut out eight felt dreidels total.
Cut out circles, squares and triangles from various colors of felt.
Decorate the dreidels with the felt shapes. Use craft glue to glue the felt shapes in place.
Cut a piece of string approximately 6 feet long. Glue the dreidels to the string and lay them flat until they are completely dry.
Hang the banner and secure it in place with tape.

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at  I look forward to hearing from you!

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