Monday, December 24, 2012

Trees for kids to make

Some individuals wait to decorate their tree the night before; so in that thought, here are some trees kids can make.

Coffee Filter Tree

Materials:  Styrofoam free foam, coffee filters scissors, glue, buttons or sequins, and a star
Quick and easy to make, create this tree by layering a bunch of coffee filters on top of a Styrofoam tree form -- you'll have to cut the centers out once you get to the base. Because the filters have a natural ruffle to them, all you need to do is add a star at the top of your tree and glue on some festive buttons or sequins as ornaments.

Felt Petal Tree

This adorable felt tree will never shed its leaves.

Materials:  Styrofoam tree foam, green felt, scissors, straight pins.
Layer some felt circle petals onto a foam tree form with straight pins, and add this classy craft to your holiday table or mantle.

Pine Tree Topiary

Even better than a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, these mini pine tree topiaries are a great addition to your holiday table, mantle, or even front porch. 

Materials:  Pine tree branches, floral foam, burlap, and scissors

Just stick a pine tree branch (better if you use a fake one) into a pot filled with plaster or floral foam, and wrap the base in burlap to make it look wintery and rustic.

Pom-Pom Christmas Tree

Materials:  5-inch square piece of green craft foam. Scissors, White craft glue, Medium and small green pom-poms, Colorful miniature pom-poms, 1 small glittery white pom-pom and 2 small brown pom-poms


Cut a simple Christmas tree shaped triangle from green craft foam and cover it in white craft glue
Cover foam with small and medium green pom-poms. Start with the medium pom-poms first, filling in the gaps with the smaller ones.
Dot glue on top of the green pom-poms where you want the lights to be.  Add miniature colorful pom-poms to the glue spots
Glue glittery pom-pom to the top of the tree and two brown pom-poms to the bottom for the trunk. Let dry.


Pom-poms are available in a variety of sizes and colors from discount department stores and craft supply stores.
Cardboard can be used in place of the green craft foam.
Watch for seasonal sales at the craft store. Many stores stock holiday themed supplies, such as pom-poms, and sell them at a considerable discount days after the holidays.

Button Garland Topiary Tree

Crafting with buttons is fun, and you can use your favorites from your stash to create this cheery and bright holiday topiary tree. At 12" tall, it's just right for mantle or table centerpiece

Materials: STYROFOAM Brand Foam Cone, 12" x 4", Paper: printer-weight; white embossed floral, 12" x 12", Polka dot grosgrain ribbon, 3/8" x 1/2 yd.: pink; orange; light green, Small multicolored buttons, one package, Ruler, Pencil, Scissors, Craft pins, and Paintbrush

Glue white embossed paper on the cone and then glue polka dots.  Glue buttons as shown above.  Make bows for the top of tree and then glue on top.

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