Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Crafts with “Jingle Bell” theme

The first project maybe done by a child and the second one is for an adult. Both project look fun to make.

Jingle Bell Ribbon Rings

Make ribbon rings first. Adult may need to help.

Materials: small jingle bells, 4 feet of ribbon – any color or size, shower curtain rings – or other round object, and glue dots or double-sided tape

Center your 4 feet of ribbon around the top of the ring. You can add a little bit of tape or a glue dot here to keep the ribbon in place on the ring.

Starting with one side of ribbon, wrap it around and around your ring. Once it gets to the bottom of the ring, add a piece of tape or a glue dot to keep it in place while you wrap the other side. Then wrap the other side all the way around. Then tie off the two sides of ribbon at the bottom in a double knot.

Slide your bell onto the ends of your ribbon. You might need to cut a point at the end of your ribbon to help it slide through the top of the bell. You can add as many bells as you’d like here.

You might need to tie a knot at the bottom of your ribbon to hold the bell on if your bell isn’t tight enough. Then you’re done.
Here is a jingle bell ribbon ring with lots of bells around the whole ring. These are fun to make as well. Just add your bell to your ribbon as you are wrapping it around. Again, use double sided tape or a glue dot to keep the ribbon in place as you wrap and add bells to the ring.

Have fun singing Jingle Bells with these fun ribbon rings!

Jingle Bell Gift Card Holder

Materials:  felt, pinking shears, ruler, scissors, sewing machine or needle and thread, and 1/2" jingle bells


Cut a rectangle of felt with pinking shears that is 1" wider than the gift card and two and a half times the height of the card. Fold the bottom of the felt rectangle over so that it forms a pocket about an inch larger than the height of the card. Sew the left, bottom, and right edges of the folded over area to form the pocket.
Sew a single jingle bell about ½”h from the top edge of the pocket, centered horizontally. Fold the flap over the pocket and cut a ¾” slit over where it hits the jingle bell. Insert the gift card into the pocket, and then push the bell through the slit to close.

Forget a big, bulky wallet. These felt envelopes can be reused for corralling an ID and debit card in a small clutch for a dressy night out. Make them square rather than rectangular, and they'd also make great cookie envelopes and favors.
See helpful pictures below!

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