Friday, May 31, 2013

Googly Eyes Project for kids to make

I have always felt you cannot have enough Googly Eyes in stock. Below are some projects which use them.  Adult supervision may be required for some of the projects.

Clock Creature

Materials:  Alarm clock, corrugated cardboard, Marker or pen, Ruler, Scissors,     1/4 yard faux fur, Tacky glue, 2 adhesive-backed Velcro dots, Masking tape and     Giant googly eyes

Trace the face of the clock onto a piece of cardboard.
Draw a head around the clock outline, then draw a pair of feet. Sketch the clock window on the head, using a ruler to approximate its size and placement, and cut it out. Cut out the head and the feet.
Trace the head and feet onto the back of the fur and cut out the shapes. Glue the fur pieces to the matching cardboard pieces.
Attach one side of each Velcro dot to the clock face and the other to the back of the head, lining them up. The Velcro will let you remove the head to access buttons
or dials. Tape the feet to the head, leaving a N-inch gap to allow for folding. Finally, glue on the googly eyes and stick the head in place.

Craft Stick Critters

Materials:  2 wooden craft sticks, Craft paints and a paintbrush, Glue dots, 1/2-inch and mini sizes, Craft feathers and 2 small googly eyes

Have your child paint the craft sticks, using a different color for each one. (Tip: You can hold each stick by the very top and leave that portion unpainted since it will be covered later.) Set the sticks aside until the paint is dry.
Use a 1/2-inch glue dot to stick the tops of the sticks together.

Fun Felt Pens

Materials:  Ballpoint pen, Felt, Scissors, Glue, and Googly eyes

Cut a strip of felt.
Run a thin bead of hot glue along one edge, roll up the pen in the felt, and glue the other edge.
Once that's dry, glue on googly eyes and felt details, such as wings and ears.

Unforgettable Elephant

Materials:  Elephant template, 2 sheets of craft foam, 1 white, 1 colored,     Pencil, scissors, and hole punch, Googly eyes, Tacky glue, Plastic dropper (available at craft and drugstores)


Trace the elephant head template on to the colored craft foam and the tusks on to the white. Cut them out.
Punch a hole in the tusks as shown. Punch a hole in the colored foam as well, at least 1/4 inch up from the elephant's chin.
Glue on the eyes.
Place the tusks behind the head so that the holes match up. Push the dropper through both.

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