Monday, May 6, 2013

Crafts using Scraps of fabric to sew

Usually, I do a blog which has more than one project/idea but this one is a long one and a good one.  Besides, I will be going into the hospital on Tuesday for three weeks for my stem cell transplant and am trying to get some blogs scheduled ahead of time.

10 Minute Teapot Coaster

Materials:  Template, 6 in by 6 in piece of fabric, fleece, and batting, Pins or basting spray, Walking Foot (highly recommended, but not required.), Top Stitching Needle, Embroidery Thread (recommended because it gives off a pretty sheen, but general purpose thread works fine), Fray Check (If you don’t have any, you can dab clear glue along the edges instead), Scissors, Water Soluble pen or Chalk (If you don’t have these, a pen or pencil will work, just make sure it won’t show through your stitches)

Print and cut out the template.
Trace template on right side of fabric.
Layer traced fabric on top of fleece and batting, with wrong sides together. Pin or baste in place. If you are using a Walking Foot, one or two pins is enough to make sure your fabric doesn’t shift.
Set your machine to a satin (short zigzag). I set my stitch length to 0.5. My width was 3.5.
Start your satin  stitch in the least noticeable place and slowly sew. You will have to stop often to lift the pressure foot and re position. I found it easiest to follow traced line in the center of my walking foot so that the stitches zigzagged back and forth over the line.
Cut out the coaster as close to the stitches as you can without actually severing the thread.

Apply Fray Check to the edges of the coaster to really lock in the stitches. If you don’t have any Fray Check handy, you can smear some clear glue along the edges. You only need to use a tiny bit.

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