Monday, May 13, 2013

Ideas to do in the Spring to get a head start on Summer

Ideas to do in the Spring to get a head start on Summer.  In addition, they should cost much because items are upcyled or can purchase at the Dollar store.

Outdoor Candle Lanterns

Materials: empty tuna cans; glass hurricanes; copper adapter; Recommend: Rust-Oleum’s Bronze spray paint; wood screw; paint stick; votive candle, awl and hammer

Use a rotary drill and drill a hole in the top of the paint stick.  Use an awl and hammer to make a hole in the center of the tuna can.

Assembly order:  The copper adapter fits over the paint stick perfectly. Take your stick to the plumbing section at the hardware store and try a few different sizes out for the perfect fit. Every stick will be a bit different.
Screw the screw into the stick.  

Place it in the ground.  The lantern is complete – just needs a coat of paint.  Once I removed the hurricane and candle, and then spray the whole thing.

Key Wind Chime


Materials:  old keys (at least 5); a stick; string, and acrylic paint


Optional: Paint your keys and stick.  Choose a few coordinating colors and have your child paint the keys and stick.  Our keys took two coats, let the first side dry before flipping and painting the other side.
Tie a piece of string to either end of the stick so that you have a way to hang it.
Tie a piece of string to each key.
Tie the keys to the stick making sure that they are close enough to each other that they will chime when the wind blows them.

Noodle Beverage Boat

Materials: a pool noodle; medium-sized plastic container with locking lid; waterproof nylon tape

Cut the Noodle into 4 pieces (Two Long, and two shorter) Used the rope to tie them all together, and wrapped the noodle and rope around the lid of the plastic container.
Take the project to the pool, for first test; filled the container with water, placed it in the pool, then jumped it and tried to capsize it. If you have success then drained out the water, added Ice, and cold sodas and beer, placed back in the pool.

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at stipple@verizon.netI look forward to hearing from you!

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