Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy May Day projects

The first is a garden project for May Day!

Garden Fairy

In case you can’t read the Garden Fairy’s instructions, they say:
    Find sunny spot in garden
    Dig five small holes six inches apart
    Place one cookie in each hole and cover with dirt
    Enjoy wild flower blooms all summer

May Baskets

Materials:  Coffee filters, Water color markers, Water (spray bottle with water), Tape, Scissors, and Tissue paper

Decorate the coffee filter with the markers, then spray the filter with water so the color bleeds. Set aside to dry.

Alternate different color tissue paper (about 3-6) and fold in half twice, then trim the edge, rounding the corners so it almost looks like a triangle.
Poke a hole into the point of the tissue paper and secure a pipe cleaner. Then start unfolding the paper to create a petal.
Once the basket is dry and the flowers are made, place each flower into the basket.

May Day Tree Craft

Materials:  Construction Paper, Crayons, Miscellaneous Craft Supplies (see suggestions below), Craft Glue and Scissors

On the large piece of construction paper, trace your hand and forearm all the way up to your elbow. Make sure your fingers are spread apart. The tracing of your forearm will be the tree trunk and your fingers will be the branches! Color it in with brown crayons (you can also use paint or markers).
Using whatever craft supplies you have on hand, cut out leaf and flower shapes and glue them all over your tree's branches. Try some of these suggestions:
Construction Paper, Tissue Paper, Cardboard, Crepe Paper, Wallpaper Samples,
Scrap Material, Buttons, Felt, Pieces of Real Leaves and Flowers, Anything else you can find!

You can also use paint to make the leaves. Pour a little paint on a paper plate, dip your finger in it, and then make fingerprints on the tree branches. Then you can make flowers for your tree using any of the items above.

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at   I look forward to hearing from you!

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