Saturday, June 1, 2013

Summer Camp Projects kids can make at home

As a parent you maybe think on sending you child to some camp.  As a parent with special needs, it was hard when they were young to even find a camp.  Now, things have changed.  This will give them some camp projects to do with your child.

Personalized Nature Pals

Materials:   Sticks and twigs,  Hand pruners (a parent's tool), Hot-glue gun, Flat stone, Colored pencils, Small objects from nature, such as pinecones, pine needles, pieces of bark, acorns, and leaves, 8-inch piece of twine (optional)

Trim the sticks with the pruners and hot-glue them together to form a body with arms, a torso, and legs.
Draw a face on the stone with colored pencils, and then glue it to the torso.
Glue on the other features, such as pinecone feet, an acorn cap, bark pants, or a pine needle skirt.
Once the glue has set, you can hang your project by tying the twine into a loop, then gluing it to the back.

Instant Friends Kit

Materials:  Rocks, twigs, acorns and other found materials, Googly eyes, and     Craft glue

On your family's summer camping trip, bring along a bag of googly eyes and a bottle of craft glue, and your kids will never be bored: they can make rock pets, stick snakes, nutty friends ... Just beware the strangely addictive nature of gluing eyes to everything.

Charm Bags

Materials:  Shrink art (available at craft stores), Colored pencils, Hole punch,     4- by 11-inch piece of felt, Embroidery floss and needle, Small stick, about the size of a pencil, Decorative beads (optional), and 1 yard of twine


With colored pencils and following the directions on the package, help your child design a piece of shrink art that will be roughly 1 1/2 inches wide after it's baked down to size. Before baking, punch 4 holes in it.
Form the pouch by folding up the bottom 4 inches of the felt. Sew the sides together.
Lay the stick where the flap folds over the pouch and sew the stick in place.
If you like, string a few beads on the twine and tie off the ends. Tie the twine onto the stick as shown.
Sew the shrink art onto the flap or the front of the pouch.

Bird Nesting Bag

Materials:  Onion bag and Nesting materials such as raffia, nonmetallic ribbon, small sticks, and pet hair

Fill an onion bag with nesting materials, such as raffia, nonmetallic ribbon, small sticks, and pet hair.
Hang from a tree, and then eagerly watch for the birds to begin construction.

Rock Necklaces

Materials:  A small rock, Colored wire (we used 22-gauge), Scissors, Pencil,  Needle-nose pliers, and Colored leather cord

Place the rock at the center of a 15-inch-long piece of wire and wrap the wire around the rock a few times to secure it.
Twist together the ends, and then wrap the twist around a pencil to form a loop. Use pliers to close the loop, and then cut off any excess wire.
To finish, thread a necklace-length piece of leather cord through the loop and knot the ends.

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