Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bonus spring crafts

These two projects would be great to decorate your house for Spring.  The first on a teen might even like to make.

Yarn butterfly craft

Materials:  Popsicle sticks, yarn, glue, scissors, pipe cleaners, beads, and googly eyes

Glue two Popsicle sticks together to form an "X" and let the glue dry completely.
Beginning in the center, start wrapping the yarn around the Popsicle sticks on both halves of the "X."
Cut a pipe cleaner in half. Fold the half into a "V" and then curl the ends to form the antennae. Slide beads on to the end of the pipe cleaner.
Take a second full-length pipe cleaner and wrap it around the center of the butterfly. Wrap the pipe cleaner around the antennae to hold it in place.
Glue the end of the pipe cleaner to the back of the butterfly to secure it.
Glue two googly eyes to the front of the butterfly.

Sunburst Wall Art Craft

Materials:   Grasses, wheat (from a floral or crafts store), your favorite seeds from a garden shop, acorns (tops broken off), Clay, Rolling pin, Round cutter, Paintbrush, and Ribbon

Roll out a piece of clay that measure ½ inch thick. Use a pastry cutter or a glass to press out a 4-inch circle.
Press seeds, the acorn tops, or bits of grass into the circle to make the eyes, mouth, nose, and cheeks.
Trim the grass stalks to similar lengths, and then push the stalks in all around the outer edge of the circle to make the sun's rays. Use shorter stalks to fill the gaps.
Poke the end of a paintbrush through at the top to make a hanging hole. After it's dry (according to the clay's instructions), thread a ribbon through to hang.

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at  I look forward to hearing from you!

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