Saturday, May 11, 2013

Additional Gardening Idea for kids to make

Below you will find an addition gardening idea for kids to do this Spring.  Also would make a great gift for mom, teacher, etc.

Lion Hand print Garden Stone

Materials:  Milestones™ Stepping Stone Kit,  Bucket,   Spoon/putty knife,   Plastic grass leaves,   Terra cotta sand,   Tan sand,   Black chenille stems (thin),  2 wiggle eyes,   Matte clear sealer/water resistant,  Scissors,   Water,  Measuring cup,  Small funnel,  Black sharpie, and Tooth pick

Follow direction in Stepping Stone Kit to make stone mixture,
Before pouring mix into mold, remove a small amount of mix, mold a triangular nose and set aside.
At this point you need to clean and dry your hands.
Pour mix following kit directions into pan.
Place hand into mix, making sure that the palm of the hand is centrally positioned. Push down to create imprint. Make sure imprint is deep enough for the sand to be poured into, around 3/8". Repeat hand imprint in a circular pattern to create lion’s mane. Keep the palm of hand always in the center to create the lion’s head.
With a spoon imprint ears on top of lion’s head.

Fill the funnel with a small amount of tan sand. Fill the mane and the ears with the sand from the funnel. Go slowly to control the flow of the sand.
Once mane and ears are filled with sand, gently push the sand into the mixture to secure.
Place the wiggle eyes onto the lion’s head and push into the mix to secure.
Push nose into lion’s head making sure that it is secured into the mix.
Take funnel and fill with a small amount of terra cotta sand. Slowly fill in the lion’s head. (palm area)
Dust any sand from around eyes.
Push down sand into mix to create lion’s head.
Cut pipe cleaners into four, 1-1/2 in pieces to create whiskers. Push into mix to secure.
Cut pipe cleaner into 3 in piece and form a mouth. Push into mix to secure underneath nose. Pipe cleaners can be cleaned up with a Sharpie when dry.
Cut plastic jungle leaves and push down into mixture making sure both ends of leaves are submerged into the mixture to secure in place.

Write name with tooth pick per kit instructions.
Let dry completely per instructions.
When dry, spray with matt clear sealer, this will hold down any loose sand. Spray 3-4 coats of sealer allowing too dry between coats.

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