Sunday, April 28, 2013

Grounds at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville

Since some individuals do not have Face book or want it; which, I totally understand it has taken me just until recently to join Face book.  I one reason to to keep in touch with family and friends which are all over the US.

Here are some night time shots of the water features.  They are very calming and pretty.


Here are some day time pictures, I took the next day.

Now, here are some of the creatures I have found. First is lizard like which blow a red sack froom under its chin; which, seems like a mating deal.

These toads come out at night and do not move when you walk.  You have to watch not to step on them because they do not move.
The interesting water fowl here.

Huge goose!!


The warning signs everywhere!!

Hope every one enjoyed the pictures!!

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