Friday, April 5, 2013

Another group of Spring Crafts for kids to make

Here are a few additional ideas to do for Spring

Raining Cloud Craft

Materials: Tissue paper (various shades of blue), Contact paper, Raindrop template, Scissors, Glue, Cotton balls, Construction paper, Thin cardboard (we cut apart a cereal box for ours), Googly eyes, String or yarn, Tape and Hole punch

Water Rainbow:
Cut a big cloud shape out of thin cardboard.
Use a hole punch to punch three holes in the bottom of the cloud.
Cut three pieces of string and tie a piece of string to each hole. The raindrops will hang down from these strings and it's easier to do this step now then when it's covered with cotton balls.
Cover the cardboard with white glue and stick on the cotton balls until the whole surface is covered.
Cut a red smile out of construction paper and glue it and two large googly eyes to the cloud. Set it aside to dry.

Print our raindrop template and cut it out. Discard the center piece.
Trace the template onto black construction paper. Make three raindrops.
Cut a piece of contact paper that is bigger than the raindrop. Peel off the back and stick the template to it.
Cut the tissue paper into small squares (approx. 1"x1").
Use the tissue paper to fill in the raindrop. It will stick right to the contact paper. Overlap the squares as you go and it's ok if the tissue paper goes outside of the construction paper template line.
Cut a second piece of contact paper, peel the back off and carefully stick it on top of the first, covering the tissue paper filled raindrop.
Cut out the raindrop.
Repeat for all the raindrops.
Tape the raindrops to the strings hanging off the cloud.
Hang your finished craft in the window.

Flower Magnets Craft

Materials:  Craft foam, various colors, Flower Template, Scissors, Glue, Magnets and Sequins, markers, glitter, stickers, etc.

Print out our flower template. Use it to cut out flowers on various colors of craft foam.
Glue the center circle onto each flower and glue or tape the magnet onto the back of each flower.
Use sequins, markers, glitter, etc. to decorate your flowers.

Chenille Stem Butterflies

Parental supervision is recommended with the use of wire cutters.

Materials:  Black chenille stem, Any color bumpy chenille stem (for butterfly body), 4 Pom poms, optional, Wire cutters, Needle nose pliers, and     Tacky glue (if using pom poms) 

Cut the black chenille stem in half. (You will only use 1 piece for this project)
Bend the bumpy chenille stem in half in a V shape.
Fold down one end of the bumpy chenille stem to the base of the V. Bend around the V. The end should be pointing up.
Bend the bumpy chenille stem down to the base again. Bend around the V. This will form one side of the butterfly.
Repeat with other end of the bumpy chenille stem.

Be sure to use the needle nose pliers to hide any sharp ends.
Fold the black chenille stem in half.
Twist the bent end about 1/2" from the bend.
Slide the butterfly in-between the black ends of the chenille stem.
Twist the black chenille stem above the butterfly to hold it in place.
Separate the ends of the black chenille stem.
Bend one end of the black chenille stem over about 1/4". Bend again.
Repeat with other end. This makes the antennas.
If desired, place pom poms in the openings of the wings and use tacky glue to hold in place. Let dry.
If desired, hang with yarn or fishing line to make a mobile as described above.

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at  I look forward to hearing from you!

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