Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Crochet Ideas Using scrap of Left over Yarn from Projects

I have leftover yarn from the Chemo hats I have been doing; so, I have been looking for project to use the left over yarn.  With the baby yarn I did a mobile.  Below I found some ideas:

Sparkle Pen
This is a great gift for a teacher or graduation gift

Materials:  Size 10 crocheting steel hook, Kreinik Metallic tapestry (#12), Braid (11 yards per spool) colors can be Iaser lime; fiery fuchsia, or dyelectric blue; large-eye sewing needle,  (3) Cottage Mills #550 Show-Off Pens


PEN COVER Choose which color you want to start with: 
Row 1:  CH 12, SC in 2nd CH from hook, SC in rem CH across, turn. (11 SC)
Row 2-22:  CH 1, SC in each SC across, turn. At the end of last rep, leaving 12-inch length, fasten off.

Follow manufacturer’s directions to disassemble pen. Stretch width of crochet piece around the inner chamber of pen and use needle and rem length to whipstitch edges tog along length of piece. Reassemble pen.

See picture of article:

Crochet World August 2012


Materials:  Yarn colors: Victor Red; Hot Pink;  Pumpkin; Golden Yellow,   9 Size steel crochet hook, One pair hoop earnings with V-latch, 20-25 mm diameter, Fabric stiffener, small paint brush, Wax paper and plastic cling wrap, embroidery and sewing needles

Directions: (Make 2 - 1 Left and 1 Right)
Row 1:  (RS) [Insert hook into center of hoop earring, yarn over and draw loop back through hoop to front, yarn over, and draw through both loops on hoop (one covering SC made)] 38 times – 39 SC.
Row 2:  Turn, SL ST in first 7 SC, CH 6,  SK next 4 SC, SL ST in next SC, [CH 6, SK next 4 SC, DC in next SC] twice, [CH 6,SK next 4 SC, SL ST in next ST] twice; leaving remaining STS unworked-5 CH-6 SPS.
Row 3:  Turn, (SL ST, CH 1, SC, HDC, 3 DC, picot, DC, HDC, SC, SL ST) in each of first 2 CH-6 SPS, (SL ST, CH 1, SC, HDC, 2 DC, 2 TR, picot, 2 TR, 2 DC, HDC, SC, SL ST) in next CH-6 SPS, SL ST in next ST (work over top of the next SL ST and into the SC) – 5 petals. Fasten off.

Finishing off:
With embroidery needle, weave in ends.  Place earrings on a wax paper.  With paintbrush, brush fabric stiffener on both sides of each earring, fully saturating them. Transfer the earrings to clean piece of wax paper.  Place cling wrap over earrings.  Press out any excess stiffener.  Using your fingers, gentle push earrings into shape, remove the cling wrap, and allow earrings to dry.

Special Abbreviations:
PICOT: CH 3, SLST in 3rd CH for hook.

Note: follow the same directions for the right and left Earring.  For the left Earring, begin working stitches near Earring’s front hinge.  For the right Earring, begin working stitches near the Earring back, next to the v-latch. 

See picture of article:

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at  I look forward to hearing from you!

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