Saturday, April 27, 2013

April 28th, 2013

This is usually not usually what I plug here on my blog; but, this effect me tremendously and even more since I am in Jacksonville, FL.  My employer said they would pay everything. The lied big time.
Here are just a few expenses I had to come up with or not been able to do.

1. The said they would pay for one suit case...they did not which cost me $30.00.  I know I had to pay for the 2nd one.
2.  They did not tell me I had to put $140. down on the room to pay for anything missing,etc.
3.  Since, they will not pay rent a car and the shuttle does not go to a grocery store or Walmart or Target. I will have to pay for a taxi which will cost $50.00 each way.
4.  If I use the hotel grocery person, they only get name brand which is more expensive and some items I need are only at Walmart and not PUBLIX (which is the grocery store here). Besides a service fee for them to do it.
5 Beside all this,  I would have to walk to and  the above is 4.4 miles away and no bus system goes up San Pablo or Beach street which I would have to walk those streets.
6.  The hotel shuttle since I moved to the Inn has been hard to get on or a hold of; so, I have had to walk to the buildings I need to go too. The Davis where the onocologhy stuff is takes me 25 minutes to get to.
7.  Since there is no caregiving; they are putting me up in a old folks home in the Alzheimer’s unit, because that is the only room available now.  To take a tour of the home, I had to walk which took me 30 minutes to get there.   They were nice enough after finding out I had to walk there.  They had their bus driver take me back to the hotel.
8, Only got enough stipend for 3 days which is $30 for each day not $35 as Mayo contact said.  Still have not gotten for the other days that I have been here or will be here.  (Which Mayo States I will be here 60 days which is until the mid or end of June.)

I am sorry if you do not feel bad about my situation and but other employees also need to know what lies they say especially them not believing what  you say.

But your donation will help pay rent and if any left over will help me get around here or groceries.

Thanks, Sandi

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