Thursday, June 21, 2012

WOLF Tie Blanket

Scott and I finally got to do the wolf tie blanket Tuesday while Kevin was at his disability hearing.  This blanket measures 48 inches by 60 inches.  When I used to be a Para educator we would make them in the Skills for Living Class.  Usually, fleece comes in 60 widths then depending how tall a person is that is how many yards you buy. You need two different colors.  This is a no sew project; so, you can do this with young children.  A main requirement is that they need to know how to tie their shoes; because, there are knots involved.  Also it is good if they are able to cut with sharp scissors, too. Some kits you buy alright have the cutting line draw on the top fabric.

Here we go!

Lay out the bottom fleece right sides down.  Then the other color fleece on top with right side up.  See pictures below:

Cut a four inch square out of both layers at each corner.  Our kit was already marked.

Start on one side and create fringe by cutting every inch through both layers in one inch increments. I usually work on one side at a time.  I usually cut the fringe and then going back and knotting that side.  See below:

To Knot/Tie:  Join fabric layers by knotting the fringe together, using one strip from the bottom and one strip from the top.  We usually have them make two knots to make sure the tie stays together.  See demonstration picture below:

 Second knot:
Finished side:
Continue until all side is fringed and knotted.

This is a real easy gift to give someone special.  Sometimes, they have the kits on sale at Wal-Mart.  Here in Texas depending on the size they sell kits between $12 to $17.  We have seen kits at Hancock Fabric for $30.  Most of the time fleece here runs per yard around $9.99 and up.  I have not tried this yet but will in the future. I want to see if it works but Wal-Mart puts fleece blankets on sale for $2 clearance. (Especially, the Christmas colors) Get two blankets and put them together in the tie manner.  I think this will be cheaper than buying a kit or buying some fleece.

Final Note:  I also have used my rotary cutter and board to do the fringe.  In addition, to keep the two layers together better safety pins or quilting gun tacks.

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at   I look forward to hearing from you!

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