Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Garden Accessories to make

When I grow up we had two gardens in our half acre yard. Now, I patio garden a little bit.  I never used accessories until I patio garden.  Here are a few ideas.

This first one is a upcycling idea.

Easy 10 Minute Garden Gloves


Materials:  Old long sleeve sweatshirt, Scissors, straight pins, tracing pencil, sewing machine, matching thread and tracing paper or paper bag for pattern of your hand

Directions with pictures:

First grab an old long sleeve sweatshirt.

Turn it inside out and insert your hand into a sleeve. Stretch out your fingers and pin at the deepest and highest points of your hand shape. You can also use the bottom edge of your sweatshirt to make your gloves. You can plan to make 3 pairs from one small sweatshirt. You can just start with the sleeves as see below.


Take out your hand and mark your glove shape with a marker/pen using your pins as guides.
Sew along your pattern line.


On to second glove, use already made glove to make a copy by tracing around your hand trimmed seams and sewing a bit inside the line. You can do the pin & marker thing again if you want to though.

Turn the gloves right side out.

For more information on the gloves you can look at this tutorial

Easy Gardening Apron


Cut the fabric. With the following measurements:
For the tie: From the longest edge of your fabric, cut a strip 4″ wide. (If this piece doesn’t seem long enough to tie around your waist, cut two 4″ strips and piece them together to make one long strip.)
For the apron body: Cut two pieces measuring 20″ x 15″.
For the pocket piece: Cut one piece measuring 20″ x 20″.
Sew the pockets as shown below: