Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer Accessories for kids to make

Of course, you have to properly accessorize you have to have fun glasses and silly shoes and other countless items. 

So, let’s get started!!!!


Silly Sunglasses


Materials:  Googly eyes, Glue, and Sunglasses

If your child wants to make a truly eye-catching summer fashion statement, simply have her use tacky glue to stick googly eyes on the frame of her sunglasses.

Fluffy Flip-Flops


Materials:  Flip-flops, Fabric, and pinking shears

Select a fabric and use pinking shears to cut a series of 1- by 6-inch strips (the number of strips you'll need depends upon the size of your child's feet; the ones we made required 28 strips).
Using single knots, tie the strips around the flip-flop straps, pushing the knots close together as you go.

Keep adding pieces until your new slippers are sufficiently soft and swanky!

Simply Screen Foil & Glitter Adhesive


Materials:  Freezer paper, Craft knife or scissors, Iron, T-shirt or canvas sneakers, Foam brush, Simply Screen Foil & Glitter Adhesive and Fabric glitter.

1.     Draw a design on freezer paper. You can download our sparrow and lightning bolt templates (and find out how to make a glittery owl T-shirt). Use a craft knife (parents only) or scissors to cut out the stencil.
2.    Iron the stencil onto the shirt or a sneaker (see tip below), making sure you get a good seal. For a more stable surface when you're decorating a shirt, turn the tee inside out and iron a piece of freezer paper to the back of the area you plan to embellish, then turn the shirt right side out.
3.    Using the foam brush, coat the space inside the stencil with a thin layer of the adhesive.
4.    Generously sprinkle glitter on top. Shake off the excess glitter, and then let the glue dry (about 2 hours). Follow the directions on the glue to heat-set the shirt or shoe.

Cereal Box Tote Bag


Materials:  1 empty cereal box, any size, Scissors, Assorted decorative paper, such as construction paper or scrap booking paper, Paintbrush, and Mod Podge matte sealer.

Instructions with Pictures:

Cut off the box's top flaps.


Draw a 4- by 1-inch oval centered on the front and back of the box, about 1 inch from the open end. Cut out the ovals to create the handles.

Tear your paper into various shapes.

Using the paintbrush, apply a small amount of Mod Podge to the back of a piece of paper, then smooth the paper onto the box. Spread more Mod Podge over the paper to help seal it in place. Repeat until the entire box is covered, folding the papers over the edges of the box where necessary. Let the sealer dry, about 20 minutes.

To help the tote close easily, use the tip of the paintbrush handle to score a line down the middle of each side of the box, and then bring the edges together as shown to crease the fold.

Buttoned Up


Materials:  velvet ribbon (ours is 3/4 inch wide), fabric glue, skinny satin ribbon (ours is 1/8 inch wide), rocks for securing, and two-hole button.

1.     Place a 4- to 6-inch length of velvet ribbon (ours is 3/4 inch wide) face down, and run a thin line of fabric glue down the middle, lengthwise. Place a 15-inch length of skinny satin ribbon (ours is 1/8 inch wide) onto the glue with an equal amount of overhang on each end, then smooth it in place with your finger.
2.    Fold up the corners of each end of the velvet ribbon, and rub the folds to crease them. Place a dab of fabric glue under each corner, and then use small objects, such as rocks, to hold the corners down while the glue sets.
3.    Thread a two-hole button onto the satin ribbon, sliding it all the way to the velvet ribbon. Tie a knot in the satin ribbon to keep the button in place. Tie the finished bracelet onto the wearer's wrist with a bow.

Paper and Bead Brooch


Materials:  Thin cardboard (we used a section of an empty shoe box), Decorative paper, Craft glue, Paintbrush, Mod Podge Sparkle, Seed and jewelry beads, Thumbtack, 26-gauge jewelry wire, Needle-nose pliers, Buttons or jewels, and Pin back.

1.     Cut a shape from the cardboard, then cut a piece of decorative paper large enough to cover it. Glue the paper to the front of the board and fold back the excess. Brush on a thin layer of Mod Podge Sparkle and let it dry.
2.    To add a strand of beads, use the thumbtack to poke a hole in the bottom of the brooch. Cut the wire to the desired length, plus 1/2 inch. Insert the wire through the hole so that 1/4 inch sticks out the front. Use the pliers to twist this piece around the longer length of wire and then press it against the back of the cardboard.
3.    Thread on the beads, then twist the bottom of the wire into a knot to keep them in place. After adding the last strand of beads, glue another swatch of decorative paper to the back of the brooch to conceal the wire ends.
4.    Glue on buttons or jewels, then glue on the pin back.

Denim Pocket Purse

Turn an old pair of blue jeans into a hip over-the-shoulder bag.

Materials:  Pair of old jeans, Scissors, Needle and thread, Ribbon or braided rope, Iron-on transfers, paint or patches, and Velcro strips or snaps.

Begin by cutting out a back pocket of an old (but not threadbare) pair of jeans, being careful to cut outside the seams so the pocket stays intact.
Sew a long piece of ribbon, an old belt, or braided rope to the sides of the pockets to make a shoulder strap.

Next, let the outside of the purse become a canvas for ornaments. Decorate with iron-on transfers, fabric paint, beads, patches, or appliques. More ambitious kids might embroider their initials or other designs on the denim for an authentic seventies look.

To hold the purse shut, sew strips of Velcro, buttons or snaps to the inside of the pocket.


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