Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Issue of The Keepsake Quilter Newsletter

Usually I let Kevin do the review of book, magazines, newsletters, etc. However, I got   The Keepsake Quilter Newsletter; summer 2012 issue from my oldest son. 

I have not got one in years.  I haven’t really done much quilting; since, I used to do it with my grandmother Reid.  I have been wanted to do some quilting;but, space is limited.  This is why I have been sticking to strip quilting or blocks of fabric with design already printed on it.

Well, let get back to the issue.  It started off with the “block of the Month”; however it showed the finished project which were made up of premade squares that had a design already printed on them and they put together a border and a back with Batik backing material.  Unfortunately, they charge $69.99 per month with $3.99 shipping fee and if you want the backing it will be an extra $41.99 for 3 1/2yrs.  Each fabric shape is 56” x 51” for 6 months of time.

 On page five, they discuss precut shapes where you can purchase the kit or pattern individually.  These shapes were really cool to me; because, I love birds and they showed different kind of bird houses.  My dad use to build bird houses when I was a kid.  The next few pages discuss garden themes to do.

On page 11 the talk about “Grandma’s Wedding Ring” kit.  My grandmother would make these all the time and she made one for me to have when I got married.  Unfortunately, we used it a lot and material on it worn out.  I still have it to fix.  It is put away protected so nothing happens to it.  I would love to make another one but the kit cost $199.99 and for each 5 yards of backing it is $62.99.

On page 24, there is a really lovely wolf kit for $59.99 and for 1 yard of backing $11.99.  The picture is 27” x 31” but I am sure Scott would love this hanging on his wall.
My grandmother also did a lot of diamond shaped Quilts so when I saw the Starburst kit on page 27 it reminded me of her quilts but she used pastel color and this was on dark background with blues and greys and black.  It is 101” x 101” which is king size for $184.99 per kit and 9 yards of backing for $99.99.

Starting on A1 Autumn Arrival and included Halloween kits.  On A7, there is a interest kit with Boo on the but backing includes musical Staff and notes.

On top of page A11, there are four pictures which you can make individual picture, pillows or one large quilt.  It is called "Witchy Poo Kit." Each square is 36” x 44”. This it at the cost of $24.99 does include directions, panel, and backing fabric.

Starting on A13:  “Holiday Head Start” which has a quilt title season’s greetings with cardinals and poinsettias.  The wall hanging quilt is very beautiful and colorful measuring 24”x 44”.  Again this kit includes directions, printed panel, backing an d batting for $21.99. 

The Christmas section ends on page A24 with different kinds of snowman wall hangings.

Starting on from page 52 to 55 baby quilts are in this section.  On page 69, starts different tools, batting, storage, organizing items.  However they do sell a Quilt Wall which I always wanted to get when I ever got my own sewing/craft room.  (Why can’t I ever win the HGTV house or cabin???) But back to the wall this way you can organize the quilt ahead of time.  It is 72” x 73” and fold up to do smaller projects. 

 Last but not least, I found that this issue had already made quilting border designs.  My grandmother would make templates out of cardboard and then chalk them on the quilts; so, she would hand sew the designs on the borders.  Sometimes in different sections of the quilt she would do design and hand sew the design in that section, too.  

This issue brought back great memory and I wish I had a room to set up a quilt in. on the back of the issue it does have toll free number and web site address of

Check out the site and let me know what you think about it.

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at  I look forward to hearing from you!

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