Friday, June 1, 2012

Picnic Crafts

Summer time is a great time for an individual to stop and smell the roses as the old saying goes or just take some time to spend with family. A picnic is a great way to spend time and it is very relaxing.


A picnic basket is an absolute must for any picnic. You can make your own picnic basket for that personal touch. Read more: Picnic Crafts |

Martha Stewart has some great ideas to make for a picnic. I like the Outdoor Canvas Tablecloth and Waterproof Blanket

Bubbles, pinwheels, and kites are things I also associate with having a picnic. 

Children love to make Ice Cream in a bag during picnic time.

Besides ice cream you can have fun by doing this food idea called “Ants on a Log”.  Make a picnic craft that can also be eaten as a snack. Everyone knows ants are the unofficial mascot of picnics everywhere. Have your youngsters make "ants on a log" by spreading peanut butter on celery sticks. Use a row of raisins pressed into the peanut butter to mimic the look of a line of ants.

Cissy Crafts also had some vast ideas and the pictures are moving.


So get out there, relax, and have fun!!!!

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