Friday, June 22, 2012

More Summer items to make

Here are some more crafts you can do with children during the summer months.  Keeping them from not bored is a very good thing.

Rain Stick
This instrumental craft might not summon the rain, but the natural seeds inside the tube sound like a real thunderstorm when your child turns it from end to end.

Materials:  Card stock or scrapbook paper, box board or heavyweight card stock, empty paper towel roll, scissors, tape, rice or popcorn seed, decorative paper, ruler, different colors of ribbon, and rubber band

Cut a piece of decorative card stock or scrapbook paper 1/2 inch wider than the circumference of an empty paper towel roll and 1 inch taller than the roll. Then, measure across the inside of the paper towel roll to get the diameter. Cut a piece of box board or heavyweight card stock 1/4 inch narrower than the diameter of the roll. Accordion-fold the box board and stuff it inside the roll.
Next, tape one side of the roll closed. Have your child scoop rice and popcorn seeds into the tube; tape the other end closed. And then, adhere the decorative paper to the outside of the roll, folding the paper over the ends. Adhere two circles of the same decorative paper to cover the ends of the roll. To finish, have your child choose pretty ribbons to tie on to an elastic band. Place the band around the tube and you're ready to play.

Twig Raft 


Create a playtime raft that really floats with just a few natural twigs from your own backyard.

Materials:  Twigs, jute or hemp cord, felt, single whole puncher, and scissors.

Have your kids search your backyard for twigs. Use outdoor trimmers to cut the twigs to the same size. Using jute or hemp cord, weave the ends of the twigs on both sides to tie them together. Attach a twig in an upright position for the mast. Cut a sail from colorful felt. Fold the felt in half, punch a hole in the middle, and slide it over the mast.

Shell Creatures

Made with real seashells, these imaginative characters have loads of personality. Your kids will adore coming up with fun storyline for these little guys to act out.

Materials:  Seashells, craft glue, google eyes, and pom-poms

Hunt for seashells on your next trip to the beach, or purchase them at a crafts store. Use glue to assemble the shells into creative creatures, adding google eyes and pom-poms as desired. Choose a fun name for each creature, and then let the adventures begin!

Rock Mushrooms