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One of my favorite things for Mother’s Day is to read poems children wrote.  Below are some places to see some poems. After that you can read some of my favorite ones from homeschooling at

Mother's Day Poems at Mother's Day Central; Mother's Day Poems for Free; Mother's Day Celebration Mother's Day Poems; Mother's Day Poems at Poetry; TheHolidaySpot Mother's Day PoemsMother's Day Poems at; and

 Poem one:

By Chandra:

Moms are sweet and nice
They feed you
They sing to you
They are there when you need them
They know when you are sick or hurt
They love you no matter what
They are moms and they are heroes
Happy Mother's Day!

Poem Two:

By Tasha:

Abundant, Noble, Ample
Thank you very much for being a great example!

Poem Three:

By Michael:

Mom: A Haiku
She is very sweet.
I love my mom more than the world.
She is the best mom.

Poem Four:

By Lynn:

Opposite from others,
The Queen bee of the hive,
Hen among the roosters,
Eagle among the hawks,
Rising above all else.

Poem Five:

By John:

My mom cooks for me
she cleans for me too.
My mom plays with me
she teaches me too.
My mom loves me.
And that's the best job she could do.

Poem Six:

By Gabriella:

My Mom
My mom takes care of me when I'm ill,
and when I'm not.
She cleans every spill,
and gives me popsicles when its hot.

Poem Seven:

By Nishanth:

My Mother
She is my good friend,
She is my great protector,
She is my wonderful sunshine,
She is my brilliant Moonlight,
She is my fair playmate,
She is my excellent teacher,
She is my best cook,
She is beautiful both inside and out,
She is the best mother in the world.
She is my mother.


To all those fellow Mothers out there Happy Mother’s Day!  I hope your day is what you want it to be.

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at  I look forward to hearing from you!


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