Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Blog Series-Gifts for Educators – Part 3--Purchasing a Gift(s).

Again, I want to worn individuals to stay away from bath products, perfumes, etc. because so many seem allergic these days. Also some schools have now banned candles or warmers from the classrooms because of the obvious fire hazards. 

These are just a few suggestions…

Gift cards are always an easy great gift and especially work for people you are not exactly sure what they would like. Some suggestions would be getting them a gift card to one of the following: an office supply store, a craft store, to a spa, etc.

You can even make a basket full of school supplies which they can use next year or a movie basket filled with candy, popcorn, sodas, etc. 

 Boxes of “Thank You” or “Happy Birthday” cards make a great gift.

If you know the person is not allergic, you could make a fruit basket with different kinds of fruit. You can even add some nuts to the basket which is a great gift if the person is a diabetic.

In one of my classes at TWU a few years ago we came up with a great gift. One student gave her a lined basket. The other students each gave her an apple until the basket was filled. One could do this with other fruit too.

Of course candy, flowers, and potted plants are always are good things to purchase.  “Whitman’s” chocolate does have diabetic candy and  it tastes really good. (One of my favorites and as it happens Eliza Whitman is my great, great, great, great aunt.)

Please feel free to share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog by leaving a comment or e-mail me at stipple@verizon.net  I look forward to hearing from you!


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