Friday, April 6, 2012

Finished Projects

A month ago I found I had some crochet cotton.  It is like string and takes a very small hook. When my grandmother Reid and my mom were into doilies; I used to crochet them.  I made a table top in granny octagons patterns for my mom’s kitchen table and she used to use it every day and loved it.  Regrettably, I do not know what happen to it along with other things my mom used to have that I made.

Below you can see that I did a book marker with the crochet cotton. I used the Mile a minute pattern; which I learned how to do from the tutorial video.

Here are some finished hats that I recently added to my store.  You can access my store by clicking on the link

Since, it is getting very hot here very fast, I decided to sew two summer chemo wraps. I designed them myself for the cancer center. Picture below:

In addition, I still did some crochet hats for the donation box.

I also tried a new hat pattern of half double crochet stitch hat for Clare from bobwilson 123.  Unfortunately, the hat looked very wrong; so, undid it. I decide to use another pattern which was like it and looked better when done.

Below is a finished hat that I reused the pink yarn;but, I have not decide to sell it or donate.  If you have an opinion on what I should do with it e-mail me at  You input is very appreciated!

I hope you found all of this interesting.

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