Saturday, April 21, 2012

Crafts And Such!

Do you remember the Lava Lamps as a child? Well, you will find below a link on how to make them these days. Really very easy to do.

One of my favorite things is Home Bubbles!

To make your own bubble mixture, start out with 1 1/2 cup of warm water. Add 3 tablespoons of light corn syrup or glycerin and stir well. The corn syrup or glycerin helps the bubbles stick together better and last longer! We used Dawn dish soap instead of the light corn syrup when I was a child but now since a lot of children would swallow the bubbles the new way is a safer method. However, if you do use the store bubbles you can put some water when you have used some of the bottle so that the remaining amount lasts longer.

 If you are into crafts like me; I found some great You Tube Tutorials on different kinds of crafts by Craft Adventure on the “The Crafts Channel. Link:

I saw the following project on one of the crafts site I subscribe too and I really like this idea for several different reasons. The first they call it upcycling instead of recycling; which sounds better to me.  The project uses empty water bottles and you put  two wooden spoons into the bottle at different levels. Then you fill with bottle with bird seed.  The second is we seemed to break a lot of wooden spoons when we used to buy them. Furthermore, we go through a lot of water bottles. Thirdly, feeding the birds and watch eat is very relaxing.
Year ago Carol Duvall was on HGTV and her shows were interest and very informative.  She was known as “The Queen of Crafts".  Carol used to upcycled a lot of items. I got the CD from the library.  which, I learn a lot of different mediums or as they call it “Mixed Media” in “Art Unscripted Retreat with Carol Duvall." 

Furthermore, I have been to several of the Half Price Book stores in our area to the find her book on “Wanna Make Something Out of It?” [Hardcover]. I have not been able to find it.  I tried to get it at the library and could not.  If I inter library loan the book it will now cost me $3.00 to inter library loan the book.  I could get it on Amazon or Half Price Books on-line store for that same price.  I feel like I really want to look at the book to see if it is worth owning it before I just go out and buy it.  Previously, I have gotten books from the library and they were not worth the paper it was printed on or only a few things worth it in the book.  A scanner is a wonderful tool.

I am not into scrap booking or card making; but, she does have a book called “Paper Crafting with Carol Duvall”.  In addition, there is one on Polymer Clay titled “The Art of Polymer Clay Creative Surface Effects: Techniques and Projects Featuring Transfers, Stamps, Stencils, Inks, Paints, Mediums, and More.”

I wish I could find a CD of her Christmas projects. Carol used to do a Christmas project show each year which had a lot of different mediums and project to do. They all seemed not to be very difficult.  I found a VHS tape untitled “Christmas Crafts” but they want $25.00.


Again, on Amazon they had a VHS titled "Carol Duvall's Holiday Crafts”.  But again, I cannot get it from the library. This VHS tape seems to have different Holiday not just Christmas which costs approximately $3.00 plus.

Time to get Crafting!!!

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