Friday, April 13, 2012

Update on Our Outside World!

Sorry, I haven’t blogged for a while. We had to deal with all of us going to the eye doctor which took most of that day. Some other stuff has been going on too so it has been a few days.

I suddenly realized that I needed to finish the coasters; because, I looked at the e-mail I printed out and discovered she needed them for April, not May as I thought.

Well, let’s get to the topic a hand.  The day of the tornadoes last week the City of Plano was out on our street to install new signs. Before the school light to slow down individuals at the beginning of the bridge they put a pedestrian sign to let people know that people have the right a way to cross the street.

Across from the school on both side of the road they put in a bunch of school zone signs, before they just had the beginning and the end sign. Kevin says thinks somebody got a ticket and won in court or another child was hit by a car in the school zone. The school has been there for 13 yrs. Scott was in the first kindergarten class at that school.  We got notice this week of the reunion for Seniors--like Scott- to come back and attend a congratulatory party. 

Things have changed on the back porch too. The vegetables have started to grow.

Yesterday, I noticed there was still more growth and the "Manderville" plant had already started it climbing and attaching itself to the rail.

Below are pictures of the new growth since the storms last week. 

When I was taking pictures I noticed Miss Daisy Duck Daughter was looking for food.  I have been noticing her mate has not been with her. Usually, she makes him bring her food. I guess something happened because he is not around anymore at all. I gave her some bread and she ate it right up and was quacking at the finches if they took the food.


So, I hope you enjoyed the update of the plants, etc. Be safe on Friday the 13th.  We do not plan to go anywhere today!

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