Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Cleaning, here!

Spring cleaning started here last week. Kevin took Karl to grandmother’s house and Karl saw the garage that was packed with Kevin dad’s stuff.  Karl then got the idea to “spring” clean.  He started in the boys’ closet then on to the room; which at that point Karl filled the dumpster half way full.  Karl found stuff from his school days; that he thought he had gotten rid of years ago.  He made a box of stuff he could donate and a box to sell to half price books.

The next day Karl decided to clean out our outside porch closet; which then filled the other half of the dumpster.  He found that I had some soil and some seeds.  Karl helped me plant some stuff.

 Re-potted strawberry plants. (Below)

Hopefully, the seeds were not too old and they will grow. We will not find out for several weeks; so, look for the update. Maybe some pictures, too.

Karl when out with a friend and got me a "Manderville" plant.  It loves direct sunlight and climbs the rail which gives great  privacy.

 Thank goodness the dumpster gets dump every Friday. Now, filled  to the top.

Well, this got his little brother in the cleaning mood.  Scott had to started with his side of the closet.   Since Karl clean behind the bedroom door, Scott could now see the his bookcase was a mess. Cleaning began on the bookcase or I should say reorganizing. One thing good is Scott finally found his backup pair of glasses.

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