Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cross Stitch Coaster Project

There were 19 coasters in all to do. This took longer than I had planned; because, after each chemo session for several days my eye sight diminishes.  Sometimes it would affect my distance and could only see  the outline of a person's face. Things upclose changed every time as to what I could see. All that coupled with sleeping so much made it hard.

It looks like I will have to take more pictures since the Alaska coasters were too dark and the ones below are sideways even though in the preview they showed the other way.  May have to separate them like I did the first batch. I'll do that before filling the order later this week.

Below are some the first coasters I did. I know Kevin put some on his blog; so, I do not know which ones people have seen.  My favorite ones are the cat, dogs, and tea coasters. 

Kevin really likes the Texas A & M coaster as one of his friends is an Aggie. The Texas A & M coaster was hard to fit in the limited space and trying not infringe on the copyright laws.

Overall I think they turned out great, especially trying to make each coaster with a different design.

My next coaster project will be make coasters for Kevin’s writing group. I have a Raven that I will be using; but, I am not sure if it will fit into the limited space. Hancock does sell a square coaster; but, they are bland looking. I like the scallop coasters the best.

Hope you had a great weekend.  We missed the big storms. Yeah!

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