Monday, April 23, 2012

Update on Yarn Bomb

Apparently, there should have were three boxes of yarn sent; because, I got a third one today.  Yeah! I was extremely surprised to get this one today.  

I got even more excited when I found a one pound ball of PURPLE yarn in the box.  Purple is my favorite color. No, I am not a Pink girl.  Usually, any pink I got was my mom’s doing. She would be surprised that my new eyeglass frames have a mauve color and definitely are pink.  I thought they were brown when I selected them. 

Last time I mentioned getting a multicolor ball of yarn that I would make into a skully.  As you can see by the pictures below that project has been started.

For the next two days, Kevin and I will be off-line and away from home for much of the days. Tomorrow we have to go to the Cancer center at the hospital for my port flush and do some errands. Then on Wednesday, we have to take Scott to the doctor for his annual blood work and a new mandatory meningitis shot. 
In Texas, to be considered for college financial aide you now have to show proof that you have had your meningitis shot. Of course, financial aid funds are limited and there is a vaccine shortage that is only going to get worse so this has to be done now.  We also have to go to the local DPS station and get him a picture id; since, he isn't driving yet and won't be anytime soon. Under another new Texas law, he has to have either a state issued picture id or a driver’s license to even apply for financial aide.
Enjoy the sunny days ahead!


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