Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mason Jars Crafts

The first one is great for kids, one it is superheroes and second they can learn to save money in it and third it is easy for them to get the money out if they want or need to spend it. We use to have piggy banks were you had to break to get the money out and then if you really like the design you would have to glue the pieces back together.
I am a big minion Fan so when I found a project to make I had to include that to the list.

Superhero Banks from Mason Jars

Materials:  Regular Mouth Quart Jars, Coin Bank Mason Jar Caps,    Self-healing Cutting Mat, X-ACTO Knife,  Yellow Duct Tape, Red Duct Tape, Blue Spray Paint, Black Spray Paint

Spray paint the jars, caps, and jar rings in a well-ventilated area.
While your materials are drying, sketch the Batman and Superman emblems on duct tape with a pen (don’t worry about extra pen marks, as a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol will remove those). If you lack artistic skill, print images off the internet, cut them out, and trace.

Cut out the shapes with the X-ACTO Knife. Layer duct the tape to create the Superman emblem (cut out the red shape first, then place it on top of the yellow tape). The duct tape will peel easily off the cutting mat.
When the jars are dry, put the pieces together and center the emblems in the top third of the jar.

Minion Goodie Jars

Materials: Small jars: Baby Food jars work great or you can get little jars at the craft store, Americana Glass Paint Writers, Paint Brush

Start out by painting my jars with the Americana Multi Surface Satin paint to make them yellow. About 3 coats. Leave plenty of time for them to dry between coats. It takes (like at least a couple of hours between coats.
Then, using the Americana Gloss Enamel writers I drew the little minion faces. I had to look up some images online to see what they looked like. You can get creative with those.
These Enamel paints have a fine tip so you use them like you are drawing. Just squeeze and draw. Practice first on a piece of paper, then drew.

Handprint Art Santa Jars

Materials: Apple Barrel ® Colors - Black, 2 oz.,  Apple Barrel ® Colors - Green Clover, 2 oz.,  Apple Barrel ® Colors - Red Apple, 2 oz., Apple Barrel ® Colors - Haystack, 2 oz.,  Apple Barrel ® Colors - Bimini Blue, 2 oz., FolkArt ® Finishes - Artists Varnish - Gloss, 2 oz.,  #12 Flat brush, Medium spouncer, Jute string, Assorted black and white ribbon,     3 Large Mason jars, Small liner brush

Using Spouncer, spounce each jar covering completely as shown. Using Bimini Blue, Green Clover and Red Apple. Let dry.
Refer to photo on how to paint the child hands. Press onto the jar as shown in the picture. Let dry.
Using small liner brush and Black add eyes and nose, and details to the hat. Add the date at the bottom. Let dry.
Varnish and let dry.
Add ribbon and jute as shown.

Hanging Glass Butterfly Feeders

Materials: Clean jar with lid, scissors, string, drill, cotton ball, wooden bead and petal, nail and hammer, masking tape,

Punch a hole in the lid with a nail.
Cut 4 loops of string at least 3 x the length of your jar.
Tie each string around the neck of the jar making sure the knots are opposite each other.
See picture below on how it should look.


Wrap the ends of your string together tightly with a piece of masking tape. Thread the strings through your wooden petals and wood bead. Tie the strings around a ring for hanging or just make a big knot.
Thread a cotton ball through the hole in the lid to form a wick. Fill your jar with sugar water.  See directions on how to make the sugar water below. Cap tightly. Hang in garden. (Yes, the jar will be upside down)
(1 Tbsp sugar + 9 Tbsp water, bring to boil, then cool)
Now flip over the jar and knot the adjacent strings approx. 1 inch up from the mouth of the jar. Then repeat a second row of knots near the base of the jar. 

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at  I look forward to hearing from you!

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