Monday, November 3, 2014

More Christmas Projects for kids to make with clear ornaments

I had too many to put into one blog; so, I had to split it up

Adult Supervision Needed
Fingerprint Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Materials:  FolkArt Acrylic Paint-938 Licorice, 901 Wicker White, 2578 New Leaf Green, 938 Licorice, 901 Wicker White, 437 Lipstick Red, 227 Bright Green, 524 Calypso Sky, 2550 Daffodil Yellow, 938 Licorice
FolkArt Metallic Paint-671 Metallic Peridot, 664 Metallic Copper, 661 Metallic Black Sequin, 660 Metallic Pure Gold, 651 Metallic Blue Topaz
Glass ball ornaments
Green satin ribbon
Rhinestones -green, red, clear
Hot glue

Gloss sealer
Black rickrack
Snowy Christmas Tree Ornament

Basecoat the ornament with Licorice. Allow to dry. Follow with a few coats of Metallic Black Sequin.
Using your fingerprints and Wicker White create Christmas trees. Start with four fingerprints on the bottom row and add one less on each row.
Using a dry brush or toothbrush, lightly splatter Wicker White to the ornament to create a snowy look.
Paint the star with Pure Gold.
Hot glue the rhinestones to the Christmas trees. Tie the green bow to the top.

Reindeer Polka Dot Ornament
Basecoat the ornament with New Leaf Green.
Using the end of the paintbrush and Peridot add polka dots to the ornament and sprinkle with glitter.
Using your thumb press the nose of the reindeer in Copper. Using your finger press the head of the reindeer with Copper.
With the end of the paintbrush, add two Wicker White dots for the eyes.
With Licorice, paint the antlers, smile and dot in the eyes.
Seal the ornament with gloss sealer. Hot glue the rhinestone nose.

Christmas Light Strand Ornament
Basecoat the ornament with Metallic Blue Topaz.
Using your finger, press the colors listed above around the ornament.
Hot glue the rickrack to the middle of the ornament as shown.
With Licorice add the light bulb details.
Tie the green ribbon in bow on the top of the ornament.

Super Simple Santa and Rudolph Ornaments

Materials:  clear plastic ornaments, brown and black craft foam, small Santa hat and black ribbon, brown ribbon

Cut black foam into 6 inch strips and then insert into ornaments. Add ribbon on top. Optional: Paint glitter nose with red glitter paint as seen in the above picture.
Repeat for Santa but add Santa hat.  You might want to glue the hat on the ornament.

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