Monday, November 10, 2014

Supplementary Christmas Ornaments for kids to make

I believe you need to start earlier to make ornament; because, one might make them for relatives and if you have to mail them you do not want to wait in the long lines in December.

Cool Holiday Hanging Icicles

Materials:  white Model Magic clay, hooks, Elmer's glue, Mod Podge glue, opalescent glitter

Simply roll white Model Magic clay into simple carrot shapes- pointy at one end.
Buy or (make your own) hooks.  Push a hole into the top end of the icicle to create a small hole. We used our pencils.  Add one dot of Elmer's glue in that hole and then press the small loop end of your hook into the icicle top.  Gently press the clay around the hook to secure it.

Dry overnight (or just go for the next step if you are in a serious hurry)
When dry, tint Mod Podge glue with a periwinkle effect.  A tiny bit of tempera or acrylic will work great.  Glue the entire icicle and then bury it in your choice of opalescent glitter

Snowy Scene Ornament

Materials: plastic bulb, white ribbon, Cardboard, Funnel, Epson salt or glitter, hot glue gun, Q-tip

Gently cut bottom of plastic bulb, setting the bottom piece aside
Cut a circle of cardboard a little larger than the opening that you just cut
Hot glue desired scene onto cardboard making sure the height of your scene fits within the bulb
Hot glue bulb onto cardboard
Trim cardboard around ornament
Remove hook from bulb and using a funnel, pour Epson salt or glitter into the bulb; set aside
Retrieve the cut-off bottom piece of bulb and fill with Epson salt or glitter
Gently hot glue bottom piece of bulb onto bottom of the cardboard

Note: to cover the visible edge between the two parts that have been glued back together, apply a coat of Mod Podge or glue to bottom of the bulb up to the visible edge. Dip bulb into Epson salt. You now should have a nice frosty effect on the bottom of the bulb and the edge will not be noticeable.
Bend a Q-tip slightly and insert into the bulb to clean the inside of the bulb, where some of the glitter or salt might have gotten stuck 

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