Saturday, November 15, 2014

Thanksgiving Projects to make

The first project is one you can wear or give as a gift to your hostess.

Thanksgiving Chipboard Sticker Earrings

Materials: 1 Acorn chipboard sticker, 1 Leaf chipboard sticker, 2 - 3 inch pieces of 21-gauge copper wire, 1 Pair of ear wires, *PYMII acrylic spray coating,  Choice of scrapbook paper, Tacky glue, Small scissors, Chain-nosed pliers, Round-nosed pliers, Nylon-nosed pliers

To make the acorn and leaf charms, Start by adhering the acorn and leaf stickers to some scrapbooking paper.
Use scissors to cut around the stickers and remove excess paper. It is a good idea to protect them by sprayed the front and back of them with PYMII.  This is an acrylic protective coating.
Set the charms on a piece of paper outside, then spray, and let them dry before doing the other side. Follow the manufacturer's safety warnings on the label because you do not want to breathe in the vapor Suggestion do the spraying outside.
Make two wire bails. With three inches of wire, use round nosed pliers to start curling both ends. Then use nylon-nosed pliers to continue curling until you have about an inch and half (or so) of straight wire between the curled wire.
Grasp the middle of the straight wire section with round-nosed pliers, and use your fingers to bend the wire in half.
Repeat step 4 and 5 to make another bail.
Squirt out a little tacky glue onto the top back part of your charms, and set the curled part of the bails on top of the glue. Best to allow them to dry completely overnight.
After the glued on bails are dry, use chain-nosed pliers to attach ear hooks to the top of each bail.

Thanksgiving Turkey DIY Headband

Materials: The Mini Bowdabra, Ribbon – in brown, orange, yellow and red, Polymer Clay – in Brown, white, red, and orange or yellow, Clay Utensils – a roller, and a reamer (I improvised and used a drinking straw), Coordinating Headband

Turkey face is the first part of the headband.  Take the clay out of the package and condition it.  Just roll it out, ball it up, and roll it out a few times until it’s pliable enough to work with.  Make a ball about 1-1/2 inches in diameter.  Please don’t use your kitchen implements to roll it out. If you do use them then keep a separate set of kitchen tools like a baking sheet and roller just for crafts.
Use a bead reamer to make a vertical hole in your turkey head or just used a plastic straw and it worked well!  You can also use the straw to make the circles for the eyes.  You only need little scraps of the red, yellow and white to freehand form a little beak and snood.
Baking instructions will vary by brand, but you can expect that it will need to bake for about 60 minutes. By boring the hole in the center will actually help it to cook faster.
After the head is ready, you can use the Bowdabra to make the bow feathers!
Lay a 10 inches long piece of ribbon along the bottom of the Bowdabra. 
Cut 4 colors of ribbon about 20 inches long.  (brown, yellow, orange and red)  Use the width of the Bowdabra as your guide – just feed the ribbon between the two halves, looping it back and forth.
The Bowdabra will hold it in place while you work.
With all your ribbon squeeze your layers together with the wand.
Bring your center ribbon up from each side, and tie a knot on the center of the bow, securing the loops.  Double knot it for security.
Now, tie the head on.  Repeat the process with all your colors of ribbon.
Fluff your loops.
You can just tie it onto a headband.  In addition, you may also want to use a bit of hot glue or craft glue to secure it in place.

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at  I look forward to hearing from you!

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