Thursday, November 13, 2014

Crafts made out of Toilet Paper Rolls

As stated before I love to upcycle things. Toilet Paper rolls and paper towel rolls are both great things kids upcycle with at school. Even though I am not teaching I still like to find crafts to use these item, especially when I see the ad on TV about how many rolls at in our landfills and can be used to cover. . . ….. I think teeny will like making these below projects!

Cardboard Tube Minion Crafts

Materials:  3 cardboard tubes, Glue stick, Scissors, Black, gray brown and yellow markers, Construction paper: blue, yellow, white, black,     Minion coveralls and goggles pattern

Cut a sheet of yellow construction paper in half lengthwise. You can get two minions from each half. Apply glue stick to the yellow paper and wrap it around the cardboard tube. Trim the excess (about half the sheet) and repeat this process for the next two minions.
Cut a sheet of blue construction paper in half lengthwise. Take one of the halves and cut it in half in the opposite direction. Now, from one of those halves, cut in half again, lengthwise. The strips you need measure 2" x 6".
Use the pattern to cut the coveralls out of your blue strip.


If you like, you can add the details such as the buttons on the coveralls using a black marker, and the front pocket with the letter "G" onto the front. For smaller kids, you may want to skip this part.
Cut a thin strip of black paper, about 1/4" wide for the goggles. Glue the strip around the head area of the tube, about 3/4" from the top of the tube.
Cut the goggle pieces from the black and white paper.
* for a minion with one eye, use the larger circles, for two eyes use the smaller set of circles.
Glue the white circle to the black circle and draw a pupil in the eye using a brown marker. You can add a dot of black to the brown. Glue the eye to the head of the minion overlapping the goggle strap. If you like, you can make the eyes appear to be squinting by adding yellow marker to the white as shown by the minion on the left.
Use gray or brown markers to add mouths.
To add hair, cut from black paper and glue to the inside of the tube at the front.

Toilet Tube Hooty Owls

Materials: toilet paper roll, cupcakes cases, brown craft paper, orange paper

The body of the owl is made from a toilet roll tube.  Each is cut to size - the owlets are half a tube high then carefully pinched inwards from opposing sides at the top, before taping together to create the owl's tufts.
Use cupcake cases for the tummies (each cupcake case was cut into quarters, and then the point of each quarter trimmed away before sticking on in layers) and then cut out two circles for eyes and a triangle of orange for a beak. It's then a half-circle of brown craft paper for the wings or two halves of a cupcake cases for a snowy owl.

Toilet Paper Roll Olaf the Snowman

Materials: 4-inch cardboard tube, White construction paper, Black pom poms, Orange pom pom, 2 googly eyes, Fine point black marker, 2 twigs for arms, 3 tiny twigs or leaf stems for hair, Tools: glue stick, scissors, white craft glue, stick pin, toothpick

Cover the cardboard tube in white construction paper using a glue stick.
Cut 2 circles from additional white paper and glue them to the bottom of the tube for Olaf’s feet.
Glue black pom poms to the front of the cardboard tube.
Roll the orange pom pom between your palm to flatten it out a bit and glue it on the front of the tube for the nose. Glue the googly eyes above the pom pom nose.
Use a black pen to draw the eyebrows, smile and tooth.
The easiest way to make a hole in the side of the cardboard tube (for the arms) is to poke a stick pin through it first, then remove it and poke a toothpick into the hole to make it larger. Now you can poke the twigs through the hole. Glue the small twigs (mine are actually leaf stems I found outside) inside the top-front of the tube.

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at  I look forward to hearing from you!

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