Friday, November 30, 2012


Cats will be first, then some dogs stuff.  These are some items kids’ cake make.

Sorry, I could not get the next few pictures to transfer.

Duct Tape Cat Mat

Materials:  Different Color of Duct and scissors
Cut 12 inches of each color of duct tape.  Fold the piece length-wise; so that the sticky side is on the inside.  Weave the pieces together then cut the sides of the mat to make them even.  Secure the edges of the mat by placing the tape around the edge and folding them over to the other side.

Cat Place Mat

Materials:  Large piece of fun foam, Foamie Animal shapes, Foam Letter sticker, Permanent Marker,
Decide the design of your place mat and place them on the mat where you would like them to be before sticking them on the mat.  Peel the back of the sticker off and place the sticker on the mat.


Materials:  Two large pom poms, piece of grey felt, scissor, google eyes, permanent marker, and craft glue

Take a large piece of felt and fold in half.  Place the pompom balls inside.  Cut a 

teardrop shape that is large enough to cover the pompoms.  Secure the open side with non-toxic glue or sew the opening closed. Draw (with non-toxic markers, of course!) two eyes or glue googly eyes and add a string or ribbon tail.

Dog Bone Christmas Ornament

Parental supervision is recommended

Materials:  White craft foam, Pen, Bone stencil, die cut, or cookie cutter, Scissors, Hole punch, Green or red 1/4" wide Ribbon, and Green or red "Painters" paint markers


Trace the bone on the white craft foam. Cut out bone. Hole punch a hole (see photo) on the top of each end of the bone.
Cut ribbon long enough to hang the bone without making it bend in.  Tie the ribbon at each end.
Write your dog's name on the bone. You may want to write the YEAR on the back.  Hang on your Christmas tree and enjoy!

Puppy Dog Ornament

Parental supervision is recommended

A Ping-Pong ball and a few other odds and ends are all you need to craft a decoration everyone will enjoy.

Material:  Ping pong ball, Black felt, Scissors, Tacky glue, 2 (10 mm) Wiggle eyes (you can use other sizes), 3/4" White pom pom, 1/4" Black pom pom, Decorative string or ribbon (for hanger), Paper. Pencil and White pencil (to trace pattern on black felt)


Notice where the wording is located on the ping pong ball and plan for the ears to cover it up. Glue on the white pom pom for the nose. Glue the black pom pom on the white pom pom. Glue on the wiggle eyes.
Cut a piece of decorative string or ribbon for the hanger. Knot the ends. Glue the hanger above the wiggle eyes. Note: This should be in the middle of the wording on the ball. Draw some ears on the paper and cut out. Experiment until you get the shape and size of ears you want for your puppy.
Trace your pattern on the felt and cut out. Glue the ears on the top of the puppy and over the ends of the hanger. Let dry.

Dog Paw Stocking

Cut your family's furriest friend in on the action -- this stocking's big enough to hold a bone that will last all day.

Materials:  Scissors, 2 pieces of light tan faux fur, each 24 by 13 inches, 2 piece of dark tan faux fur, each 24 by 13 inches, Sheet of dark brown felt, 9 by 12 inches, Long sewing pins, Large-eye sewing needle, Dark brown embroidery floss, Clear tape and 9 inches of tan twist cord

The Basic Stocking: Click here to download the dog paw stocking pattern.
Cut 1 paw shape from each piece of the light tan fur and 1 from each piece of the dark tan fur.  Cut paw pads from the brown felt. Pin the paw pads to the furry side of a dark tan paw and use the floss to whip-stitch (see diagram and Tips) the pads in place. Pin together the 4 paws with the dark tan paws on the outside, furry sides out, and the light tan paws on the inside, furry sides in. 

Using the floss, whip-stitch around the edges, sewing the paws together. Leave the top edges unsewn. 

 At the top, sew together the front 2 edges, then the back 2.  Fold down the top to make a cuff.

Tape the ends of the cord to keep them from fraying, and then sew the cord to the stocking for hanging.
A Stitch for All Stockings
Thread your needle with a length of floss and knot one end. Begin sewing by pushing the needle up through the underside of the fabric and then out the top. Loop the needle back under the fabric and repeat the stitch. 

 Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at  I look forward to hearing from you!


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