Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our Outside World

For months I have not been able to leave our apartment except for cancer treatments and doctor appointments so I sit on our porch when I am up to it.  When Kevin can sit up he often comes outside and sits with me to read or watch what is going on below us. The picture below is from last night just before sunset.

The porch over looks the creek. Some days it becomes very interesting with the kids running around on the banks. They try to fish, play in the grass, or chase their dogs. That is when the dogs are not chasing the ducks!

Some days we get to watch cars not stop at the four-way stop down the street and instead drive right through it. We have seen some cars drag race through---mainly on the weekends. Once awhile they get stopped by the police. There is a school zone starting right of the picture and that gets a few folks whenever the police are around.

My oldest son, Karl, makes fun of me sitting outside and always says "I am trying to make something." I have always loved to sit outside in the sun. However, on sunny days it is hard for me to cross stitch. I get a glare off the materials. Most of the time, I crochet outside as I was able to do yesterday evening.

My favorite things are watching the ducks, egrets, fish, birds, blue herring and especially the turtles.  At night once in awhile we will hear the bull frog. Feeding the birds and ducks is fun! Making the downstairs neighbor go crazy by blowing bubbles. They get really upset and slam down their windows.

When we can afford it we have flowers or vegetables on the porch. That won't happen this year. But, as you can see above, we do have some flowers that somehow survived the winter.

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